the weekend

I’m back in Colorado for about the next 36hrs before heading to California for a super quick 2 night trip.  More on that soon!  For now, here is a little snippet from a beautiful wedding weekend.  It was so great to be with all of our Colorado friends in Ohio, celebrating Ali + Jon’s big day.

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We also did a little celebrating for our 4 year anniversary! 

photo (26)

The rehearsal dinner was fabulous.

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Lovely bride to be!

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Wedding day!

photo 5

Wedding day hair, which was a waterfall braid that I learned from Gina’s tutorial.  It only takes about 5 minutes!  I never do anything fun with my hair, so I was kind of excited about it.

photo 4

Very sweet ceremony.

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We had to fill the gap between the ceremony + reception somehow!

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Guest gifts + place cards!  So so thoughtful to fill a special GF jar just for me!

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I absolutely loved their postcard sign in “book!”  Write a postcard to the couple and then add it to the photo album.

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Their favorite holiday + meal is Thanksgiving, so they served a Thanksgiving feast with plenty of veggie options!  Instead of a cake, they served pie!  Such a creative idea.

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The Colorado crew!

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Couldn’t be happier for these two.

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Cheers to newlyweds!