thermador in detail


Back in Colorado.  Finally!  For the next 8 days anyway…

So, where was I and what was I up to?  Thermador [appliances] invited a group of about 15+ bloggers [food/design/etc.] to to check out their brand new showroom and test kitchen in Newport Beach, CA.  How could I turn down a chance at that?  The answer is I couldn’t!  While I was familiar with the brand I was not familiar with their actual products.

Oh…and I should mention we were not obligated to write any type of review or post discussing the trip, and I am not being compensated for this in any way.  I just wanted to share a little bit of what I saw.

I’m fairly obsessed with design, especially kitchen design.  Instead of taking a million photos of people and what exactly we did while we were there, I focused on details of the showrooms + test kitchen.  I was blown away by the detail, craft, precision, and care that goes into all of Thermador’s products.

Maybe one day this bad boy will be mine…



A flush-mounted coffee maker that produced an outstanding + frothy cup o’ joe.


I have a thing for the sink area of the kitchen.


I also have a thing for oven/range knobs.  Weird?  Maybe.  But I just love that they’re so…beefy.


The smaller looking oven to the left is a STEAM oven.  It literally pumps steam into the oven to keep your food incredibly moist.  If you’re thinking it would make food soggy it’s actually quite the opposite.


Their famous star burner, for more even + controlled heat and less hot spots on your pan. 


Love this gray-blue stacked backsplash.




This is the most impressive piece of equipment I saw.  These are the induction heating elements for their newest Freedom Induction cook top. 

It allows you to literally place the pots + pans ANYWHERE on the cook top.  You can move them around and it senses the change.  It also senses the size + shape of the pan and heats accordingly. 

I couldn’t believe it!


The controls are very similar to an iPhone touch screen. 

Select which pan you want.

Set the heat.


Then set the time + you’re good to go.


A look inside the steam oven.


Indoor herb wall.




More white, which I absolutely adore in kitchens.


thermador-18 thermador-19

Cooking in the test kitchen was my favorite part of the day.


But also a bit intimidating.


And quite delicious.


A big thanks to the extremely kind people at Thermador.  It was an exciting couple of days, and I feel so lucky to have experienced it.

Stay tuned for something completely different on the blog all next week!  It has to do with iPhones and photography.

Have a great weekend!