fun finds

I typically don’t have the best luck at thrift stores.  Once in awhile I come back with an exciting find but 90% of the time I walk away empty handed.  Maybe it’s my lack of patience when sifting through stacks + stacks of old kitchen items, never expecting to find anything.

Yes, that is probably it. 

Well today I gave myself a few extra minutes to search and ended up having a bit of luck.  Go figure!

And now I’d like to share what I found.

- an oblong platter, which I’ve been wanting to find


- square salad-sized plates [very heavy duty!], which I’ve also been on the hunt for


- a minty green muffin tin with some wear + tear, just for fun


- you see, I have this obsession with mugs…


- a vintage sifter, which was my most exciting find of the day

I plan to display this on a wall in our kitchen with a few other items.  I’ll reveal the wall when the project is complete!


With a grand total of……



And now I can’t get the stupid grin off my face for these super thrifty finds!  I love a good deal.


pssst!  Another new post on my photo blog today!

My cousin AJ is a SENIOR!  This was my first senior portrait session and my first time shooting a guy solo.  AJ was such a good sport and has a fantastic sense of humor which was a big help!