a weekend of play

Fact.  Life has been busy lately. 

Fact.  That is an understatement. 

We finally had a bit of a break this weekend which was so very needed.

A few happenings…

25 mile hilly + hot bike ride

photo 5

A new and completely amazing food truck, Ba-nom-a-nom.  What do they serve?  Banana soft serve!  Just like the recipe you’ve seen floating on a million different blogs that calls for only frozen bananas and your food processor.  Well, the lovely owner + creator of Ba-nom-a-nom is now serving up this delicious + healthy treat around town. 

photo 2(1)

Sarah has a few different flavors, all of which are 100% fruit.  She also has a handful of topping options including vegan chocolate chips and vegan caramel sauce locally in Boulder, CO.  Pretty fantastic idea. 

Incredibly thick and creamy.  You would never know this was only fruit.  She uses a special machine that produces an even better texture than when you use your food processor at home.

raspberry banana photographed below

photo 3

We also spent a lot of time at New West Fest.  It’s a yearly festival in downtown Fort Collins with a fabulous lineup of music.  All of the music is absolutely FREE and it goes on all weekend long.  They get some pretty impressive acts.  Highlights for me were: Kyle Hollingsworth Band and The Haunted Windchimes.  Two of the biggest shows were Alison Krauss and Michael Franti with Spearhead. 

I also had a gigantic plate of Indian food with gluten-free nan for $6 two nights in a row.   Nothing better.

photo 2

It was nice to have a non-working weekend but now now I have some catching up to do...

photo 4

…and some details to divulge very soon!