kitchen decor on the cheap

Slowly but surely we’re adding things to the walls in our house.  Fixing up the house has been quite the long process and will probably never end.  However, it feels good to finally be personalizing things a bit more.

Recently, I’ve been gathering a few kitchen odds + ends to hang on one small wall in the kitchen.  My main goal was to cover a phone jack, since I’m pretty sure we’ll never be connecting a “real” telephone to it!

photo 1

pan = $4 thrift store

kitchen tools below = $4/each antique fair

photo 2

grater from my grandparents = free!

photo 3

muffin pan = $2 thrift store

photo 4

I hung them with picture hanging hooks and twine.  Pretty simple.  This was up + done in 20 minutes.

For the two pans I simply nailed them to the wall.

photo 5

For a little location perspective I’m standing in the doorway of the 3rd bedroom/laundry room.  The door you see to the left is our back door.

photo 4(1)

And here you’ll note my least favorite chore ever, located in the 3rd bedroom.

It’s not the actual act of doing or folding laundry…

It’s the putting it away part that I loathe!

photo 3(1)

chalkboard paint = $0 already had it

I applied a few coats of chalkboard paint to the pan for a fun little sign to have in the kitchen.

photo 2(1)

So that’s it! 

I’m more than excited to have that phone jack covered and am loving the latest addition to our house.

It doesn’t get much cheaper or easier!

Total cost = $18

Comments, emails, tweets, etc. will all be answered next week when I return from Costa Rica!  Thanks for your understanding.