Earthbound Farm | farm stand tour + dinner

Last week, I was in Monterey, California for 2 1/2 days learning all about the company, Earthbound Farm.  I was joined by 6 other lovely bloggers who I came to know + love in the short few days away. What I learned in the first 5 minutes with EBF is that they are much more than just another "company." It's actually been hard for me to digest all that I learned and articulate the information back to you, but I will try my best.  To start, it's much more than "information."  We definitely learned handfuls of facts about EBF but we also learned their story.  We learned the exact details of how EBF started from the co-founder herself, Myra Goodman.  She joined us for our outdoor, candlelit dinner the first evening and told us just how EBF came to be.  Good food and wine were definitely involved.   

The first part of our trip started at the EBF Farm Stand.  A few of you mentioned visiting this in the past and loving it.  I can tell you that I loved it as well.  The farm stand itself is actually a small market.  It overflows with fresh fruits + vegetables, high quality oils, sauces, chocolate--you name it--and there is even a counter to order freshly prepared food to go.  As you walk around the outside of the store there is an overwhelming feeling of nature that wraps you up.  With every gaze of the eye you see something new and exciting.  My favorite area was the garden of herbs, many of which were new to me.  With every step through the maze-like herb garden you caught scents of things like lemongrass and mint overflowing from the earth.

After walking through more fields--wine + camera in hand--and picking the sweetest golden raspberries you've ever tasted we headed back to the pavilion for dinner.  We first heard from Chef Sarah LeCasse, who had prepared that night's meal.  She created a beautiful spread of food including a butter lettuce salad with strawberries, feta, toasted almonds, and a golden balsamic vinaigrette, along with a roasted butternut squash with mixed baby kales and maple roasted pepitas, a beautiful ratatouille dish, and a few other delicious additions.

While we all obsessed over the food, and took a million photos, we were completely engrossed by the story Myra told as we ate.  She was incredibly enthusiastic and genuine and gave us every detail of the story we asked for.  We learned about how Myra's dad helped them invent the tools they needed as they started production right from their living room.  Her dad later went on to helping them develop some of the machinery currently used in the processing plant.  We learned about how Myra + Drew started with a 2.5 acre garden selling only organic raspberries, but quickly grew into so much more.  We learned that Earthbound Farm has been in existence for nearly 30 years!  We learned how they have maintained their dedication to growing and selling quality food from the very start.

Between the people, the gardens, and the food I was completely blown away.

And now, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Such a treat to be a part of this trip.  Big thanks to Earthbound Farm for their generosity.  More trip details coming soon.


In book news...

Can you believe Baked Doughnuts for Everyone has been out for an entire week??  I can't!  It's all becomming extremely surreal, especially as people are tweeting + instragramming photos of their book in hand.  The book is currently on a blogger book tour, which you can check the schedule for here!.  So far, the stops have included:

I have been absolutely touched at the sweet posts and killer photos from these friends!  Lauren even documented my first book signing/demo for her post, which you should definitely check out!

Thank you all again for your support with my very first cookbook!!  Be on the lookout for more blog reviews, interviews, and giveaways.

Happy Tuesday.


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