10 things worth noting | this + that

1. I highly recommend making this cocoa chili [double batch it!] with these cornbread waffles.  A dipping match made in heaven.


2. Nothing like carving a pumpkin at 5pm on October 31st.  I made it in time for the 7 trick-or-treaters who came to my parents' house.  The weather was horrible!


3. I don't carve crazy faces into pumpkins.  I carve sprinkle doughnuts into pumpkins.


4. My doughnut book got a shout out in Simply Gluten Free Magazine!  Hip, hip!

gf mag 2.JPG
gf mag.JPG

5. I haven't made pumpkin seeds in way too long.  Combinations below:

  • sea salt + ghee
  • coconut oil + maple syrup + sea salt + cinnamon
  • coconut oil + cinnamon + coconut sugar


photo 5 (5).JPG

6. My mom, aunt, and I checked out MOCA Cleveland last week.  There was only one gallery open but we had a fun exploring the building.  Looking over the stair edge was dizzying but pretty impressive.


7. I doubled my Greek Stuffed Pepper recipe and made it for the whole family yesterday.  Followed immediately by 2 scoops of Jeni's "the milkiest chocolate in the world" and "sweet potato with torched marshmallows" ice creams.  She wasn't joking with the title of the chocolate ice cream!  I'm not usually a chocolate ice cream person, but between the two chocolate won my vote.


8. The Learned Owl Book Shop in Hudson, OH is one of the most adorable bookstores I've ever seen, and I was lucky enough to have a book signing there while home.  


9. Having so many family and friends come out for my signing was one of the most amazing moments in my life.  My parents, brother, grandma, high school friends, aunt, uncle, cousins, friends of family, my high school volleyball coach, and more.  Oh, and I definitely cannot forget my dear friend who surprised me by driving all the way in from Pittsburgh.  I think my jaw hit the floor.  Feeling loved + lucky.

For more photos from the book signing check out my album over on the Edible Perspective Facebook page!


10. I baked my little heart out for the book signing.  Current favorites: apple fritter, peanut butter cup, triple chocolate, molasses, and pumpkin spice


A new vegetarian sloppy joe recipe coming soon.  Be on the lookout!