Gift Guides 2013: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers

Opening the mini-sized gifts in my stocking may have been the highlight of Christmas morning.  My brother and I would always go at the stockings first.  We would sort out the gifts, noting items that were similar in size and shape so we could open them at the exact same time. 

The yearly staples were always foil wrapped chocolate Santas, gum, a foot-long Tootsie Roll, scratch-off lotto tickets, some type of small game/toy, a new toothbrush, and a gigantic orange at the bottom.  Every year there were a new additions but the staples stayed the same.

Below you’ll find a few updated versions of those staples and some new things to throw in the mix.  I think it’s so much fun to buy mini gifts like this and they can end up being really personal by picking favorite scents, flavors, colors, etc.  All of these [minus #11] will only run you a few bucks each, or less!

Do you guys have traditions when it comes to stockings?  Any favorites I missed?



The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers 2013 |


1. Justin’s Nut Butter single packs + PB cups – easily found at Whole Foods + other grocery stores and worlds better than a Reese’s cup

2. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee – awesome for traveling, camping, etc. and my favorite organic/fair-trade instant coffee brand – Whole Foods and some other natural food stores carry this and easy to find online

3. Mini Sharpie Markers – new markers are the best and the mini sharpie line is totally adorable – check any office store and/or Target to find these

4. Bananagrams – for the kid in you + because it’s actually really fun – check Target or any store with games

5. Hair Ties – absolutely love these hair ties…no more ponytail headaches! – from Anthropologie but can easily be found at Target, Sephora, and many other stores

6. Alter Eco – one of my very favorite chocolate companies producing fair trade, organic chocolate bars that are out of this world – be sure to check the quinoa bar! – find these at Whole Foods, other natural food stores, and online

7. Chia Shots – because chia seeds are all the rage and you never know when you’ll need to whip up a batch of chia pudding on the go – better safe than sorry – find these at natural food stores and online

8. Preserve Toothbrush – gotta keep those pearly whites squeaky clean + why not help out the earth while you’re at it…my favorite toothbrush ever – check Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and online

9. Dr. Bronners Bar Soap – gotta wash off that sweat from the morning’s gift opening session – check Target, Whole Foods, online, etc.

10. Bota Box Mini – you can keep this one all for yourself…hide it under your snuggy…just don’t spill – find this at any adult beverage store

11. Black Diamond Lantern/Flashlight – perfect for car camping, night hiking, or if you’re still afraid to go in the basement by yourself – find this at REI stores and online

12. Duncan Yo-Yo – getting’ all old school on you..take a break from your phones + gadgets and learn how to yo-yo – find this at any toy store, Target, etc.

13. Zoya Nailpolish – vegan nail polish that won’t break the bank and super fun holiday colors – find this at Target and a million other stores

14. Love Grown Foods hot oats in 4 flavors – not much better than a cup of hot oats…I always take these when I’m traveling by plane…just ask for hot water + a spoon in air and you’re all set – find these at Kroger, King Soopers, Whole Foods, and online