Gift Guides 2013: Pretty + Functional Kitchen Things

Happy Wednesday!

I’m back again today with another gift list showcasing some of my absolute favorite kitchen items.  Some of these things I actually own, but most I just lust over.  Anthropologie + West Elm kitchen sections?  Kill me now.  Love it all.  This list ranges greatly in price but any of these items would make a fun, personal, and special gift to give to the kitchen lovers on your list.

I also like buying kitchen items like these and pairing them with other related items to make a themed gift package.  Way too much fun!  They’re great for bridal shower gifts as well!

Under the list of items I also made a small list of themed ideas if you’re looking to put together a bigger package.

Hope you enjoy!


Gift Guides 2013: Pretty + Functional Kitchen Things |

Pretty + Functional Kitchen Things

1] enamel cast iron dutch ovens on sale!  –> $63-79 - I received the large dutch oven year as a gift last year and absolutely love it!

2] silicone utensils on sale! –> $8-10 - In love.

3] bistro canisters –> $14-24 - see above. ^

4] decorative potholders –> $12-14/ea - I think these are such a great deal at Anthro and they are the first potholders I actually love and want to keep.  They’re incredibly thick and well made and easy to clean!  The insides are the same smooth fabric and not fuzzy.  I always end up with that fuzzy fabric stuck to my hands and then in my food.

5] handmade ceramic burlap platter w/cobalt rim –> $64 - Completely smitten with all of Lindsay’s beautiful work.

6] set of 4 dipped wooden cooking spoons – $12.80 - I feel like you can never have too many wooden kitchen spoons.

7] ceramic coated cookware –> $128-178 - So ridiculously pretty.  And I love ceramic cookware!


8] “cereal killer” stamped silverware –> $16 - Serial Killer…get it…ha! Love these [and all] stamped spoons!

9] copper mugs –> $59.95/2 - We have recently become hooked on Moscow Mules…don’t worry, we keep it in check.

10] lodge cast iron pans on sale! –> $10-39 - I have 1 cast iron pan that I use multiple times each day. I would love to get a few different sizes at some point. They’re super affordable, too! 

11] beaker glass pitcher –> $5.95 - Have this, love it! Great deal for a simple + pretty glass pitcher.

12] champagne flutes –> $3.50 - Great deal for unique champagne flutes!

13] king cube ice cube tray –> $8.50 - These ice cubes are way more fun than the ones your freezer makes.

14] cold brew coffee kit –> $18 - For any coffee lover! You could probably put this gift-set together yourself to save a few bucks!


Gift Package Ideas

  • A set of 4-6 silicone utensils [item 2] paired with a soup or chili mix. Or, pair with a set of mixing bowls for a larger gift.
  • A set of potholders [item 4] paired with a set of cookie sheets or doughnut pans!
  • A set of Moscow Mule copper mugs [item 9] paired with Vodka + Ginger Beer + limes.
  • A cold brew coffee kit [item 14] paired with 1-2 packages of fair-trade, organic coffee beans.
  • Pair the glass beaker pitcher [item 11] with 4-6 champagne flutes [item 12] and a Tovolo ice cube tray [item 13]. Only $35 total with 6 glasses!
  • 4-8 champagne flutes [item 12] with 1-2 bottles of champagne and a bottle of orange juice.
  • Pair 1 cereal killer spoons [item 8] with a few boxes of cereal and a handmade ceramic cereal bowl.
  • 2-4 of the bistro canisters [item 3] filled with sugar/coffee/salt/olive oil/etc.

Any other ideas you love to give as gift sets?  Share below!