10 things worth noting {2}

1. As much as I hate the name of this product it has become a game changer.  The nut milk bag is key to making homemade nut milk.  I’ve tried many times in the past with cheesecloth and have never been fully satisfied with the results.  The bag allows you to squeeze the liquid out in a matter of minutes instead, yields a completely pulp-free milk, and has a silkier texture.  In the past week alone I’ve made 4 batches of almond milk and may never go back to store bought.  I’m currently testing recipes for ideas in how to use the leftover pulp.  Stay tuned!

All photos in this post were taken with my iPhone.

photo 2(3)

2. I LOVE snowshoeing and tagged along while the boys went backcountry skiing on Sunday.  Instead of going to a resort with lifts, sometimes they head to backcountry locations and make the trek UP the mountain and then ski down in powdery, fresh tracks.  It’s quite the uphill climb!

Kenna came as my sidekick.

The boys are fully outfitted with avalanche gear and I stayed in a completely safe zone – fyi.

photo 4

photo 3(2)

3. Winters in Colorado are pretty spectacular.  You should probably come out + see for yourself. 

photo 5

photo 3(3)

4. Kenna is the ultimate snow dog.  She bounded through the snow the entire day and looked pretty adorable in the process. 

photo 1

photo (10)

photo 2(2) photo 2

photo 5(2)

photo 4(2)

photo 3(1)

5. Kenna loves peanut butter sandwiches after a long day in the snow.

photo 4(1)

6. Chris and I love fries after a long day in the snow. 

Specifically, hand cut Belgian fries from the food truck, Common Link.  These were the absolute best fries I have ever tasted.

photo 1(1)

7. I found doughnut wrapping paper!!!   Why didn’t I buy this doughnut wrapping paper??

photo 2(1)

8. I’m currently obsessed with Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.  They are coming to Red Rocks in June.  Pretty sure I need to buy tickets for that and not spend my dollar bills on doughnut wrapping paper.

9. This is a habit I will never give up. 

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10. 10 things worth noting is a new series I’ll be doing here.  I thought it would be a fun opportunity to share a little more about my day to day [which you can also find on instagram].  Whenever I have 10 new things worth noting another post will pop up.  Most likely a few times throughout each month.  Be on the lookout!