adventures in gluten-free naan

Yesterday I had high hopes of solidifying a recipe for gluten-free naan.

That did not happen.

However, I knew this was going to be a process and it was definitely not a complete fail.  I really didn’t expect to solve the problem on day 1.  After 4 rounds I give myself a solid C+/B-.  More than edible.  Addicting even! 

edible perspective

A kitchen disaster day, for sure.  Every measuring cup was dirty.  Twelve spoons + the counter were caked with sticky dough and the dishwasher was lined with every single bowl I own. 

edible perspective

Trial after trial, it will be done! 

edible perspective

The flours I used were a combination of oat flour, buckwheat flour, and sweet rice flour.  The mixing process was incredibly easy.  No stand mixer or food processor needed, and I’d like to keep it that way.  There is an hour-long rise and then a quick cook in a hot skillet or grill pan.

The end result?

The flavor was great.  Not too yeasty and no signs of the buckwheat flour [which can sometimes stand out].  The texture didn’t pull apart quite like naan, but I’m not sure if that can even be fully duplicated with gluten-free flours.  It wasn’t heavy or dense but light and bready, in a good way.  Probably the most bread-like tasting thing I’ve eaten in quite some time.  But it just wasn’t quite, naan.

Flatbread?  Yes!

Naan?  Not really.  It was about halfway to naan.

edible perspective

Next week you’ll find a recipe.  It may be for a killer flat bread or it may be for naan.  The jury’s still out.  I need to run a few more trials and get back to you.

So far, I’ve had three taste testers with similar thoughts to mine.   The flavor was great and the texture was 1/2 way there, but a bit on the delicate side and could be even lighter/fluffier.

Funny thing, we actually went out for Indian food last night with some of our friends.  I definitely thought about stashing this in my purse to pull out with dinner.  You know, BYOBread!

edible perspective

Instead of not posting because there isn’t an official recipe, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of the process that goes into recipe making.  It’s not always one and done, especially when it comes to breads and baked goods.  I look at days like today as an investigation.  An experiment!  While I sometimes put off starting recipes like this they always give me the biggest sense of accomplishment once I settle on a final version.  If it wasn’t for running out of yeast, you’d probably still find me in the kitchen. 

Stay tuned for more and happy weekend.