Food Photography Tip 2

Food Photography Tip #2: try using small plates, bowls, and utensils

In most cases I much prefer to use small bowls, plates, and utensils in my food photos because:

  • the food looks contained and doesn’t wander on the plate
  • easier to fill, ie: like when photographing ice cream in multiple bowls
  • the amount of food looks more plentiful
  • brings more focus to the photo
  • highlights the food instead of distracting attention away from it
  • easier to fit multiple plates/bowls into the frame
  • small props cost less

I like to check Crate + Barrel, Anthropologie, CB2, and World Market for small pops.  Crate + Barrel is one of my favorites because they have a lot of matte colored items and change their stock frequently [search “appetizer plates”].

Food Photography Tip #2 |

This smaller bowl helps bring your eye to the center strawberry, as opposed to the above photo where the strawberries kind of wander..

$3.95, 5-inch bowl from C+B

Food Photography Tip #2 |

Too much white space.

Food Photography Tip #2 |

Using a small plate in this photo creates shadows around the edge and contains the toast without causing a distraction.

$3 appetizer plate from C+B – [same plate as above, only smaller]

Food Photography Tip #2 |

In this photo using a large plate leaves a messy feeling.

Food Photography Tip #2 |

However, using a large plate is still okay!  Try adding a few extra touches to bring more interest to the photo.

Food Photography Tip #2 |

These smaller, 4.5-inch wide bowls from World Market [very old, not sure on price] were perfect for this soup.  I was able to get everything I wanted in the frame and still leave open space to help balance the photo.

$2.95, 6-inch plates below from C+B

Food Photography Tip #2 |

Check out these tiny, 3-inch wide bowls from Anthropologie.  I have four and absolutely love them.  I think they were $3 each?  The mini spoons were from C+B years ago and were $1-2.

It is so much easier to fill up a tiny bowl when shooting ice cream!

Food Photography Tip #2 |

Small props rule.  Don’t you think?

Hope you enjoyed another food photography tip!