Casual Friday

Let’s talk about some stuff in our jeans…

Only in Colorado do people protect their veggie gardens from the SNOW with a TENT in MAY.

photo 1

The company Modern Sprout contacted me a few months back about trying one of their windowsill jar-planter systems at home. The offer multiple hydroponic windowsill options, with the jars using a passive technique known as "wicking" to bring the water to the to the plant.

photo 2

They offered to send me one of their jars to try out and I love the idea behind this. I'm currently growing basil and it seems to be doing well. I don't have the best greenthumb, so I'm thrilled to see the plant still alive. The jar came with simple instructions and so far so good!

Besides me not killing this basil plant [yet], some other good news from the week was Chris finishing grad school!!!I couldn't be happier for him as this was quite the lengthy adventure for the past 5 years while working full time. His degree is in water resources engineering, a speciality within civil engineering. Clearly, we had to celebrate with margs + way too many chips. YAY Chris!

Now for some Friday links!

Molly made my doughnuts into mini muffins and they’re pretty much the cutest things ever.

This article on “How Successful People Stay Calm” is a fabulous read and so on point. I’ve been trying to implement a lot of these strategies for the past few months and it’s been a tremendous help. I felt like this article made everything click. – “breathing” “reframing perspective” “using their support system” and “avoid asking what if” have been HUGE for me.

Dana made a Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Pie that I want to dunk my face into.

And then Ashley made a Coconut Date Shake that I want to guzzle for all the days of spring + summer + forever.

I’m currently working through Phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer program. Oh my word. It hurts so good. I’m in no way following the diet/eating program that goes along with it, but I have upped my protein [along with my overall food intake] because my muscles are workin’ it. I used this program a few years ago [modifying with dumbbells at home] and it’s so nice to actually be doing it at a gym with proper equipment. My previous weight training plan was boring me to tears. I cannot even tell you how much more energy I have throughout my days since starting this a few weeks ago. Huge difference! Not sure exactly what I'll do when I finish "phase 2" but for now I'm loving it.

If you’re looking for new ways to use Nori other than sushi, check out Gena’s Hummus and Nori Veggie Wraps. Summer lunch!

Can someone please make me a Kid’s Art Table and then come over and play with me? I’ll supply snacks.

I adore adding avocado to smoothies and love this extra addition of mint from Tracy!

This blog post -- I Went to the Nutritionists' Annual Confab. It Was Catered By McDonald's. Fascinating. Appalling. A must read.

A ridiculous brownie creation from Angela.

Happy weekend! Enjoy!