Mocha Protein Smoothie

Hello, hello! I'm back in Colorado after a few weeks of cross-country travel. If this space has felt a little quieter than usual the traveling is why. I was able to get ahead and post some while away but not quite at my usual capacity.

The travel was a mix of work + play, starting with California for ExpoWest, a trip to Crested Butte with Chris, and then visiting my family in Ohio. There always seems to be a busy season with travel and I've just about wrapped it up. It definitely feels good to be home.

Vegan Mocha Protein Smoothie |

While you may see a few day gap between posts over here, you can always check out my Craftsy page to see what I'm cooking up over there. Posts go up about once a week and are a mix of new recipes and recipes I've posted here but tweaked for even more tastiness. 

This mocha protein smoothie was a recent favorite, and I just had to share over here as well.

This smoothie is flavored with instant coffee grounds (this fair trade company is my favorite for instant coffee) and cocoa powder, with a few other additions like dates, banana, and a drizzle of maple syrup. The banana flavor barely comes through, if you're not too keen on banana smoothies. It's used more for creaminess here.

Vegan Mocha Protein Smoothie |

While I do use protein powder from time to time I also enjoy trying to make smoothies, oatmeal, chia pudding, etc. with protein-packed pantry staples instead of store-bought powders.

The protein sources I chose for this smoothie were:

  • hemp seeds
  • chia seeds
  • cashews
  • soy milk
Vegan Mocha Protein Smoothie |

This smoothie is small but mighty. Each 12oz serving packs in approximately 440 cals - 17g protein - 11g fiber and a hefty amount of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 

And the mocha flavor is spot on. It's lightly sweetened and a definite pick me up in the morning. You can eat breakfast and drink your daily cup of coffee all in one!

For more photos + recipe details visit my recipe on Craftsy:

---> Mocha-Flavored Vegan Protein Smoothie <---

Vegan Mocha Protein Smoothie |

You can also check out my other Craftsy recipes by visiting my personal blog page, HERE.

Also! The winner of The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook giveaway is: Emma! Her cooking disaster sounded like a doozy!

"I've started making homemade kefir and mine bubbled up and over the jar when I was gone, and I came home to find four cups of kefir that had spilled all over the counter, onto the floor, and into the heat/AC every time the heat comes on I smell tangy fermented milk. I could use this book for inspiration for "put-together" recipes, instead of my usual "fly by the seat of your pants and toss together whatever I have" recipes."

Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Emma! I'll be emailing you soon.