Saturday brought a gorgeous, 78 degree day.  What better way to spend it than outside.  Even better, at the golf course.  I’ve played golf off + on since I was pretty young.  My dad is an avid golf player and taught me most everything I know about the game.

I haven’t played in a few years, but it’s always fun to go out for a round of 9 holes.  When you haven’t played in awhile, 18 holes can be a bit frustrating.  9 is perfect!

photo 1

We walked + carried our bags for exercise.  Definitely a good workout, hauling the clubs around.

photo 2 (3)

Grandpa Peter, got a little crazy with his pull cart. 

photo 2

I shot pretty well, considering how long it had been since I last played!  For the most part, everything went where I aimed, but not always too far. ;)

photo 3 (2) 

Couldn’t ask for a prettier day. 

photo 5 (2)

For dinner, we headed to one of our favorite Old Town spots, Crown Pub.  We eat here pretty frequently, and haven’t had a bad experience yet.  Although there are only a few veggie options, they are all stellar.  Especially the King’s Curry.  It is full of veggies + the sauce is phenomenal. 

We dined with crazy Peter, Michelle + Devon.

photo 3 (5)

I ordered the soup of the day, which was wild rice and mushroom.  It turned out to be one of the best soups I’ve ever eaten.  I also ordered the house salad, which is topped with a lot of fresh veggies.  Their salad dressings are also amazing.  Yesterday, I chose the charred shallot + basil creamy vinaigrette.  Delish!

Nice night out with the huz! 

photo 2 (2)

I think I finally caught up on sleep from when my mom was here.  Today, I was off to the gym by bike, and had a great workout.  Then, I headed to Pat + Natalie’s house to do a maternity photo shoot.  I’m trying to start a people-photography business and wanted to use Pat + Nat as test subjects.  Although extremely different from food photography, it’s a fun + rewarding new challenge.  Posing people is not easy!  I spent about 2.5hrs photographing.  We tried a handful of different scenes + outfit changes.  It was so much fun and Natalie was glowing.  Pat + Nat cannot wait to be parents, and I cannot wait to become an Aunt!!

I’m only about 1/2 way done editing and will have more to show soon, but here is one of my favorites so far! 

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This week is INsanely busy!  Natalie’s baby shower, that I’m planning, is Tuesday evening.  Monday + Tuesday will be full of prepping food + decorations.  I can’t wait!  Also, late Monday night, Eric + Kelsey arrive in Ft. Collins.  Not for a vacation, but to LIVE here!!  Eric is a good friend of ours from Charlotte.  He was the one that let me run my granola bar business out of his house!  I wasn’t able to run it out of ours, with the dogs.  Right before we moved to Colorado, Eric + Kelsey met and started dating.  The 4 of us hung out, practically everyday before we left.  Anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Okay…one more photo… :)

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Hope you have a productive Monday!



Today we worked our hinnies off!  But we also had a fun + relaxing morning. 

50% work 50% play 100% fun

Before I get to Thursday, let’s talk about Wednesday.  My mom and I finally made it to see Bridesmaids.  Pretty hilarious!  Nice 2 hours of relaxing + laughing.  We also hit up the J.Crew outlet.  All of the women’s clothes were 40% off and then an extra 15% off because my mom is a teacher.  It was like shopping at J.Crew with Target prices!!!  Dangerous!  I picked up a handful of things I love.  A few pairs of shorts [which is miraculous], a few really comfy tops [one pictured below], 2 button downs and maybe one or two more things.  It was fun to have a little clothing-retail therapy, instead of Lowes, Home Depot, and Bed Bath + Beyond.  I think I’ve only bought about 2 articles of clothing since November!

For dinner, we headed to one of our favorite spots, Tasty Harmony.  I’ve talked about this restaurant pretty frequently.  It’s veggie/vegan/GF friendly, with huge portions + delicious, creative, seasonal food!

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Super cute inside.  Casual + comfortable.  Haven’t had a bad meal yet!

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I think I told my mom about their nachos every single day since we got back to Colorado.  I was anxious for her to try them with the cashew cheeze sauce!  [The white sauce below is vegan sour cream.  The cashew cheeze was on the side]  I like these more than real cheese nachos!

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Cashew cheeze drizzled all over top.  The three of us chowed down on this plate!

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We were so busy anticipating our food, that I forgot to photograph it.  My mom got their mashed potatoes and lightly fried mock “chicken.”  The “chicken” is house made seitan.  Before going GF, I had a few bites of this and it was outstanding.  My mom said she was a little nervous about it, but she absolutely loved it.  Raved about it, in fact!  Their gravy is also amazing.  mmmmm

Chris got the tempeh reuben + mashed taters with gravy.  I got the “yogi plate”, which is a millet + quinoa mix, steamed greens [chard that night], + grilled tofu.  It also comes with vegan ceaser dressing that is out of this world delish.  The tofu is probably the best I’ve had.  Tofu texture perfection!

Clean plate club!

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This morning, we were up bright and early.  We took a lovely walk through my neighborhood and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  Then we went for a scenic drive through the foothills.  We drove all along Horsetooth Reservoir, which I had never even done before.

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The water was a vibrant blue.

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Photo-op time!

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Cutie mom with the wind in her hair. :)

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New shorts!

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I’m so glad we waited until Thursday for our touristy day.  It was the best day of weather yet!

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We drove along the reservoir and got out a few times for photos and fresh air.

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Self timer action!  I set the camera up on a park grill. ;)

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A half eye blink, ice cream shoveling photo.  We stopped at the famous Kilwin’s for some deelicious ice cream.  I got dulche de leche.  I have a thing for caramel. 

Don’t let my pasty legs blind you.

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We walked around Old Town + Downtown, and I showed my mom my favorite shops.  She always loves seeing the places I’m always talking about.

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We got back to the house around 3pm and then it was go-time.  My mom said she wanted closure on the house, so she could feel like we accomplished a lot when she left.  Believe me, even before all we did today, we accomplished A FREAKING TON.

The porch was a disaster.  We started there are really organized and consolidated.  After we build a new shed, we’ll be able to move everything on the porch into that.  Then, maybe in the fall or next summer, we’ll be completely remodeling this porch. 

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The plastic corrugated “windows” have got to go.  We’re going to make it all open air, but keep the columns + ceiling and put in a new floor.

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Once the porch was organized, then we were able to sift through everything in the house, consolidate + move more to the porch.  When I say sift through everything in the house, I mean sift through everything in the house.  We were on a roll!!

Wait until you see the photos tomorrow!

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This room has exploded about 18 times now.  I think we finally made a LOT of progress with it today. 

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Sitting at the dining room table right now and looking around, I’m in shock.  I cannot believe what we were able to get done today.  We even made our last Lowes + Target run at 9pm tonight. 

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Nothing can stop us!!

Except some much needed sleep.  My mom leaves tomorrow mid-morning.  I got to spend one full week with my Ohio family and two full weeks with my mom.  I wish we could do this more often, but I’m so thankful that we’re able to do it at all! 

Major {love + hugs} to the most amazing mom + dad.  Ever.