Breakfast Friday: Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal

We’re talking oats today, one of my favorite foods of all time. But this isn’t your standard pot of oats. This is a gigantic batch that you’re going to portion out and freeze for easy breakfasts throughout the week! The best part about it? Customizing the toppings.

Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal |

It seems as though there are a million different types of oats out there, with very different cook times and textures. All types of oats come from the same plant, they’re just processed in different ways.

If you’re looking to brush up on your oat-knowledge and learn about why some oats say they’re gluten-free and some don’t, or see the difference in nutrition between the varieties below, then be sure and check out my guide to oats. You’ll learn everything you need to know and then some.

The Ultimate Guide to Oats |

For the freezer oatmeal I’m using traditional rolled oats. You can really use whatever type you prefer.

I load up on the cinnamon, obviously.

Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal |

And then, the toppings. I like to add them on top only so they don’t turn to mush. Nuts and dried fruit work really well as do cacao nibs, chocolate chips, chopped dates, and some fresh fruit like figs and most berries.

Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal |

After your pot o’ oats is made you’ll portion the oats into muffin tins, top them however you choose, then pop the pan into the freezer. With just a few steps in between.

Then pop them out of the freezer.

Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal |

And then into a freezer bag.

Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal |

Thaw the night before for quicker reheating, then heat in a pot on the stove or bowl in the microwave.

And finally, add nut butter. Always add nut butter.

For the full details and instructions for this recipe check out my post over on Craftsy:

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Make Ahead Freezer Oatmeal |

Happy weekend, friends. And happy breakfasting.