10 things worth noting // ed.5 spring!

10 recipes for spring with a brand new carrot-fruit smoothie to finish things off!

Early spring is a funny time around here for seasonal eating.  The winter farmers’ market is coming to a close and there is still a good month and a half until the summer market starts back up.  It’s this weird gap in time where brussels sprouts are tasteless + tough, asparagus isn’t quite at its peak, winter squash is stringy and bland, and strawberries are still a bit sour and overpriced.  So while I try and fill this awkward gap in time with lots of beans and leafy greens, here are a few ideas if spring produce is a little further along where you live.

Veggie Sandwiches on Herb Quinoa Oat BreadThese hearty open faced sandwiches are topped with veggies and finished with savory smoked paprika almond butter.  They’re simple to assemble and perfect for the work-week!

10 recipes for spring - veggie sandwiches with herb quinoa oat bread // edible perspective

Coconut Cream Strawberry PolentaThis is a fantastic twist on a hot oatmeal breakfast.  Creamy polenta is used as the base then combined with silky coconut milk and topped with fresh strawberries and toasted coconut.  A definite favorite over here!

10 recipes for spring - coconut cream strawberry polenta // edible perspective

Creamy Asparagus Soup with Goat MilkThis may sound a bit strange but it was one of my favorite creations last spring.  The flavors are simple and this soup is nice + light.  Perfect for a crisp, spring evening!

10 recipes for spring - asparagus + goat milk soup // edible perspective

Lemon Dill Pasta SaladThis is my favorite pasta salad recipe to date!  It’s packed with a bright lemony-dill flavor and stuffed with all sorts of tasty veggies.  Another awesome work-week meal you can prep ahead and enjoy all week.  Also great for picnics + barbecues!

10 recipes for spring - lemon dill pasta salad // edible perspective

Avocado Strawberry + Goat Cheese Sandwich [vegan option, too!] – Don’t be scared of this unique combination.  I promise if you like strawberries, avocado toast, and goat cheese, you will LOVE this sandwich.  Seriously.  Ohhh, how I am dreaming of sweet-juicy strawberries. 

10 recipes for spring - salt + strawberry avocado + goat cheese sandwich // edible perspective

Salt + Vinegar Kale Mashed PotatoesThis was all Chris’s idea and is a favorite around here.  If you’re into mashed potatoes and salt + vinegar potato chips, you’ve got to try this out!

10 recipes for spring - salt + vinegar mashed potatoes // edible perspective

Orange Almond Chia MuffinsHmmm, okay…Not exactly a spring recipe, but these muffins are grain-free, super moist, filled with protein + healthy fats, and are about to become your new favorite on-the-go breakfast. 

10 recipes for spring - orange almond chia muffins // edible perspective 

Champagne Mango + Strawberry DressingThey’re definitely not a local fruit, but champagne mangos are starting to make their early spring appearance.  I adore champagne mangos and this dressing!  It’s lovely atop a salad filled with nuts + fruit.

10 recipes for spring - champagne mango dressing // edible perspective

Asparagus Caesar SaladMake this.  Seriously.  [vegan caesar dressing!]

10 recipes for spring - asparagus caesar salad // edible perspective

And a blindingly bright carrot smoothie to finish off the list!

I seem to always get in a juicing kick during the winter.  Then, after a month or two I am sick of cleaning the juicer and end up making fruit smoothies with a few handfuls of spinach or kale thrown in.  This year, I’ve decided to kind of merge the two ideas together and create more vegetable-based smoothies.  So far, it hasn’t been easy coming up with palatable combinations.  Fruit smoothies are easy.  Veggie juice is easy.  Veggie + fruit smoothies are tricky!

The smoothie you see below still has a decent amount of fruit in the mix but also includes 2 whole carrots, providing loads of vitamins + nutrients I typically wouldn't find in my smoothie.  It will be a slow transition in adding veggies other than kale + spinach, which are typically easy to hide.  The texture is quite thick and not quite as smooth as your average fruit/milk smoothie.  However, it’s extremely refreshing and flavorful!  I just loved this and hope you do too.

Carrot Apple Banana Smoothie gluten-free, vegan // serves 1

  • 2 medium carrots, peeled
  • 1 medium green apple, cored
  • 3-inch piece of banana
  • 1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice, or no-sugar added orange juice
  • 1/2 cup ice
  1. Place all ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.  Add more orange juice if needed to thin out. 

Peel your green apple before blending if desired.  Use a red apple for a sweeter flavor.  Feel free to strain it through a nut milk bag for a smoother texture.

carrot apple banana smoothie // edible perspective

carrot apple banana smoothie // edible perspective

The super green fruit-veggie smoothies still need a little work…

10 things worth noting {recipes for spring} // edible perspective

Do you have any favorite combinations for veggie packed smoothies?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

10 things worth noting {recipes for spring} // edible perspective

Hope your weekend was filled with sunny skies and a little bit of warmth.

More food soon!