Casual Friday // DC edition

Let’s talk about some stuff in our jeans…

Casual Friday in DC |

We were in the DC area part of last week and over the weekend. Work first then play!

While Chris had a few work meetings I was able to meet up with Anne for juice + a lovely walk in Arlington. So great to catch up.

I ate at Sweet Green at least 3 times in 5 days and also adored the quinoa salad below from Mom’s Organic Market. Why don’t my salads taste this good at home?

After a few quick work days we were off to DC [from Fairfax].

We walked. And walked. SO MUCH. I loved every minute of it.

Casual Friday in DC |

We drank a few things.

:: foamy margarita from Oyamel

:: mimosas from everywhere – Okay…just 2 places.

:: alcoholic ginger beer from an Irish pub [ah-mazing] – We had never seen this before, but apparently it’s pretty rare to find in the US.

And ate a few things.

:: breakfast at Busboys and Poets – That would be 2 breakfasts for me…oatmeal with walnuts + cream and scrambled eggs + grits. Give me all the breakfasts, all day long.

:: dinner at Oyamel – There weren’t too many veg options [found out the beans are cooked in lard] but there were still a few tasty plates we could order. I would not recommend the cactus salad, aka: slime salad.

:: outstanding anniversary dinner at Founding Farmers - We loved the veggie meals we ordered and they were very accommodating subbing a GF side for me. Also, a fabulous wine selection, “popcorn of the day” [it was ranch!], and the most amazing vanilla bean cheesecake ever!

:: dinner at Rice – Thai food with loads of veg/gf options. The portions were generous and the food was excellent! Also, they had THEE most amazing rice ever. I’m pretty sure it was cooked in nothing but coconut milk and coconut oil. I kind of died over it.

Casual Friday in DC |

And walked a whole lot more.

Casual Friday in DC |

And talked about our sore feet.

Casual Friday in DC |

And then kept walking.

Casual Friday in DC |

And laughed a ton.

Casual Friday in DC |

And watched a few World Cup games.

And took monument selfies.

photo 2(1)

And didn’t venture out for breakfast[s] until noon.

And stayed out past curfew. Twice.

Casual Friday in DC |

And celebrated 6 years.

Casual Friday in DC |

Happy weekend, people!