Butternut Squash Mac n' Cheese

This butternut squash mac n’ cheese was a recipe I could.not.stop.eating. after it came off the stove.

Actually, let me correct that. It didn’t even come off the stove before I was spooning it into my face. There was barely enough left to photograph.

I’ve made similar recipes before but this particular one made me forget about every version from the past. It’s a fusion of squashy + cheesy and is definitely the best of both worlds. You’ll get some of that stringy, cheeey pull and all the rich, creaminess pureed butternut squash provides.

Roasting the squash adds another depth of flavor that makes it worth your time. And feel free to use frozen butternut squash here. No peeling required!

(I had a mixture of both below.)

This meal spells comfort in a major way.

And it can be yours tonight!

Get all the details over on my latest Craftsy post for this:

--->Butternut Squash Mac n’ Cheese <---

I guarantee you + your family (or just you) are going to devour this.

(It’s adapted from the lovely duo over at Pinch of Yum!)

Toasted breadcrumbs are 100% mandatory.


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Winner #1 –> Jesse! “I love my sweet husband, my adorable dog, and cooking for them. Baking and cooking for family and friends is how I show love, and I am so appreciative of your blog!”

Winner #2 –> Lindsay! I LOVE waking up early on a Saturday, grabbing a foamy latte, then heading to Zilker Park in Austin with my husband and our pup. It doesn't get better than that <3”

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