A Big Project (aka: NEWS!)

I have some pretty exciting news to share today. I've had to hold it in for months while the details were being sorted out, so I'm about ready to explode.

This is by far the biggest opportunity I've had since starting in this career path a few years back. It's a dream, really, and I still can't believe it's happening. 

Food Photography Props | edibleperspective.com

It caused me to need a heck of a lot of new food photography props.

food photography props | edibleperspective.com

It turned my kitchen completely upside down to make and photograph a single bowl of oatmeal.

food photography behind the scenes - shooting a cookbook | edibleperspective.com

It turned my dining room into a painting studio when the weather was too cold + snowy to take things outside.

food photography backgrounds | edibleperspective.com

The opportunity landed in my inbox one day, and I nearly fell out of my chair.

Food Photography for Oh She Glows v.2 Cookbook | edibleperspective.com

Angela and I have been friends for a good five years now. In 2010 we were lucky enough to get the chance to hang out for a few days, and we've been attached at the email-hip ever since. I honestly cannot believe it's been so long since first meeting Ange, and I'm not sure where I'd be without her.

A few months back an email from Angela popped into my inbox. The one that nearly made me fall out of my chair. She was talking about her second cookbook and how things were going as a new mom. She mentioned wanting to devote all of her energy to creating the recipes for this new cookbook and not focusing her time on photography. 

And then she asked if I would consider photographing her cookbook.

Consider it? Was she for real? Was I dreaming? Yes, she was for real. And no, I was not dreaming. There was nothing to consider, my answer was YES.

Her first cookbook has done amazingly well, appearing on multiple best seller lists, selling around 300,000 copies, being named "Book of the Year" in 2014 by Indigo, and the list goes on from there. To have even a chance at shooting her next cookbook was an honor.

The oatmeal photo above was one I took for the trial I submitted to her publishers (Avery in the US, Penguin in Canada) back in February. I made, styled, and photographed a few of the new recipes to show the publishers I could capture the style Angela was looking for. Waiting to hear back from them for the final "okay" about killed me. I refreshed my inbox so many times I thought I was going to break my phone. I finally heard back and the publishers were on board. It was official!

I'll be shooting all 100 full-page photos (!!) for Angela's second cookbook, coming out in Fall of 2016. I think I'm still in disbelief! 

Angela + Ashley | edibleperspective.com

Here are some fun details about Angela's second cookbook:

  • It will be a mix of "everyday" recipes for busy weeknights and more elaborate recipes for special occasions.
  • All recipes will be plant-based and vegan as well as being almost entirely gluten-free and soy free.
  • She'll include many nut-free recipes and nut-free substitutions, with numerous nut-free snacks for kids.
  • There will be a big focus on healthy comfort meals...Chili and Cheese Nachos, Cheesy Lentil Pasta Casserole, Flourless Sea Salt Brownies, and many more!
  • There will be 100 recipes in total.

You can follow the hashtag #osgcookbook2 (@edibleASH @ohsheglows) to see all of the behind the scenes action. In July and August (when I'm shooting the book) I'll be sharing some sneak peeks from my kitchen as well. Be on the lookout!

Keep an eye out for an update from Angela coming soon!