family fun sunday

A few photos from last night!

If you are looking for a really creative different gift for your mom/sister/friend/etc. check out these amazing paper flowers! I got one for my mom for mother’s day.  It is so unique and lasts forever.  Anemone – handmade paper flowers They have a fan page on facebook too with tons of photos.  Lots of really amazing wedding displays.


AJ [cousin] Aunt Sherie, Uncle Alan [mom’s bro], Grandma [mom’s mom]


Happppppy 30th Josh!!!


I went for a brisk 4.5+ mile run this morning.  I could definitely tell a difference running in Ohio compared to Colorado.  My legs felt great! It was only in the low 40’s, no sun, and windy, so my lungs took awhile to warm up [asthma was worse w/the cold weather too].  Mile 1-2.5 was so sluggish but then I felt great and I breezed through the last mile.  I forgot to look at the clock before I left, so I’m not sure what my pace was.

My dad spotted me running, while he was on the golf course, so I ran over to say hello =)

My mom heard about this great organic breakfast place, kind of a far drive, but we wanted to check it out. Total disappointment.  There was only a buffet option on Sunday, it was completely picked over, and not much to begin with.  We were going to just grab a bakery item but the case had a few flies in it. Ew =( I have had some bad luck with eating out lately!

Then, my mom and I went to go see my bro play his tabla drums at a bookstore close to our house.  He was playing for this organization called Passport Project.  A quote from their website… “Passport Project's mission is to provide exciting education experiences that build community through the arts, encourage respect for diversity and rejection of racism and negative bias, and a passion for learning and the global community.”

I am trying to learn how to use the digi SLR for more than just food.  Bear with me!


My bro is WAY talented!! So proud of him =)


This man was visiting from Guinea, W. Africa.  I didn’t get to see him dance, but apparently he is amazing.  He said he was having a really hard time adjusting to the fall Ohio weather.




_MG_5216 _MG_5229

My mom and I ended up eating at the bookstore [joseph beth bookseller].  They have a full restaurant there.  We had a yummy, very late breakfast!

Banana yogurt boat w/granola, fruit, and a blueberry muffin.  I had a strawberry Kombucha drink too. 


My mom got the egg/toast plate.  I ate half of the banana boat, some of the muffin, a few egg bites, and 1 sausage link.  I am a sucker for sausage.


Then we headed to Patterson’s Fruit Farm with my aunt, uncle, AJ, and Jenna.  You can’t tell, but this apple was seriously HUUGE!  If you make a fist and wrap your other hand around your fist, that is how big the apple was.




Aj + Jenna were super excited about the honey sticks.


corn stuff


Pun’kins!!! =)


Jenna, mom, and AJ


The kids humored me posing for some pumpkin pics ;)


They used to be my babies!!! Now they are so big! Jenna is 11 and AJ is 14.


Jenna wasn’t sure this shot was such a good idea…


Mom took this one…good job mom!



Crazy white pumpkins!


Then…[we did SO much today!] we went to visit some other family.  So nice catching up!

A little blurry, but these two kids are SO cute.  Cole is 6 and Carson is 3.  Cole was my ring bearer when he was 4yrs old.  I remember the cutest thing he said that day… He was getting a little antsy, waiting in line to walk down the aisle.  I said something to him like “you only have to stay still a little longer Cole..” and he said “I once heard, slow + steady wins the race!” hahah What 4yr old has heard and remembered that??? Too cute!


AJ, Jenna, my aunt and uncle came over for a quick dinner.  Jenna also shared a cake she decorated at a birthday party last night.  Mayfield is the school they go to [and the one I went too].  The mascot is a wildcat.  I thought the cake was so cute!


Awesome awesome day with the family!  More to come tomorrow!  Stay tuned! I bought 2 big acorn squashes to make that corn pudding in acorn squash I made a few weeks ago.  Pretty pumped for that!