bouldering in boulder

When I left Colorado, the weather was snowy and in the 20’s.  Cleveland was in the 40’s the whole week and dreary.  Today was such a nice change!  It was sunny and 80* in CO today.  We were itching to get outside.


Chris found a spot, not too far away, to do some traverse bouldering.  We don’t have a crash pad yet, so we didn’t want to do too much vertical climbing.  This was the perfect little spot to practice on real rock.



In between a rock and a hard spot [or just a tree]


Awesome view!





Dinna’ time!  It’s been awhile since I did pan roasted veggies over pasta.  It’s really delicious and extremely easy. 

Oven @400* – whatever veggies you want – roast about 40min [softer veg. can go in for the last 15min, like zucc, kale, tomatoes, etc.] – toss with olive oil, s+p – top whole wheat pasta w/veggies, a touch of sauce + a little cheese! It’s one of our favorites.

Veggie combo: sweet potato/onion/garlic/brussel sprouts [went in first] zucc/kale/tomatoes [went in after 25min]

The sweet potato might seem out of place, but I promise it was delicious!


Roasted Kale is really good…love the crunch!


My plate with a little vodka sauce + cheese


Up close + personal


Cracked open a bottle of our “Dope Whine,” after dinner tonight.  We got a gift certificate to make our own wine, from a bunch of friends, as a wedding gift.  We got 30 bottles!! Yes, that is our boxer Dakota on the label.  She is pretty dopey and whiney..which is where the name idea came from ;)

Chris took this photo!


This could be the best/worst new addiction ever.  Move over Ben + Jerry’s FroYo…blegh!  Stonyfields frozen yogurt is UHmazing!! Seriously tastes like delicious fattening icecream! =) It has 130cals per serving and I think 1.5g fat [can’t remember exactly].  It is SO good.  You would never guess this was yogurt.  The caramel is really good too.  Doesn’t have a fake, weird sweetener taste to it. YUM!!!!


Time to relax!!