flying home

It is the first time I’ve ever said, “I’m going home to Colorado.”  Still seems weird!!  I am excited to see Chris + the dogs + for my interview on Monday.  Pat and Natalie flew to PA to visit their friends that just had a baby, so I’ll see them in a few days.

Even though it was my last day in town, my mom and I ran all over the place doing last minute things as always =)  We stayed up hanging out and talking til 2am while she watched me edit all the photos from yesterdays looong post. 

We went to Dick’s, so I could get some more winter workout clothes.  I didn’t need as many in Charlotte!  I got SO much stuff and a lot on sale plus 3 coupons.  It was awesome!

Bye mom + dad, thanks for everything!


Then I went to my Aunt + Uncles for a last minute baking session with the kids.  I taught them about healthy eating this week and wanted to leave them with 1 more fun new recipe.  I found these baked oatmeal bars on Kath’s blog.  They are perfect for that on-the-go breakfast, or after school snack.  They are packed with fiber, protein, and low in sugar...Can’t wait to make a pumpkin version!

Had tons of fun with my Aunt + Uncle, as usual!


Jenna, stirring.  The kids did most of the work.  It is a really easy recipe for a beginning baker because measurements can be a little off and you can add whatever you want in the mix.


We made 2 double batches so there were a bunch to cut and freeze, for even easier grab + go, healthy food.

combo 1: walnuts/cherries/dk. chocolate chips/pumpkin seeds

combo 2: apples/apricots/cinnamon/pumpkin seeds

I doubled the recipe and changed only a few things.  I cut the salt in 1/2, added extra cinnamon, and 1/2c. pure cane sugar [for a doubled batch].  It was the perfect amount of sweetness.  I used a 9x13 pan [1 batch goes in a 9x9] so these bars were extra thick.  So, just an FYI if you double the batch they will need to cook about 55min with a 9x13 pan.

My babies!!! [hardly babies anymore…but they still are to me]


Can’t wait until they visit me in the wild west!


Off to the airport…Tucked in a corner I found 2 healthy options! Smoothies + Salads


I got a smoothie with: Acai juice + blueberries + bananas + granola + fat free frozen yogurt + ice

It was really yummy!! You could definitely taste the granola…Not sure they put too many blueberries in it…Wasn’t very blue/purple, but still good and really filling.


Snack time on the plane…


Blegh.  I have always hated Fritos and Hershey’s chocolate is pretty nasty!  Still nice they had a free snack though!

The mini samich wasn’t too bad.  I ditched the lettuce and didn’t use any mayo. 


However this was MUCH better!!!  One of the oatmeal bars + h2o…mmmmm – This was the cherry/walnut/dk. chocolate one and it was!  Had just a hint of sweetness and a great chewy texture.


All for now!!  Hope to have a new blog up soon!

Back to mountain time =)