matzo ball deliciousness

Lately, my morning have been filled with oats…big bowls of oats!  I prepare them differently everyday.  Lately they have included a lot of pumpkin + cinnamon…mmmmmm

I had a HUGE morning bowl of oats yesterday and wasn’t really hungry for a full lunch.  I munched on some Stoneyfield Oikos with a 1/2 crushed graham cracker and a little Bare Naked Vanilla Almond granola. [so gooooood] I love a little crunch in my yogurt.  Whole Foods has $1 off coupons in their in-store flyer for Oikos right now.  I refuse to pay $2 for a less than 6oz container of yogurt.  I had some fruit after this too!


I am loving the Greek style yogurt because it is super creamy and 2x the protein compared to regular yogurt.  I found this other brand, Voskos, that is just as yummy and cheaper.  If I’m not eating Greek style yogurt, Wallaby is where it’s at.  Their flavors are SO good.  Maple might be my absolute favorite.  And look at that adorable kangaroo!!! ;)


Time to get busy in the kitchen.  Matzo ball soup, from scratch, first time ever.  This was about a 3hr production from start to finish, but was well worth it.  I used a mix of egg + onion matzo and 1 box of whole wheat matzo.


You could easily buy a box of matzo ball mix at the store, but this just seemed way more fun.  The recipes all call for matzo meal.  It is completely unnecessary to buy matzo meal.  All you have to do is pulse matzo in a blender until it’s a fine powder. EASY!


Broke up all the matzo and soaked in water.  Then cooked in a large skillet until it was dry and browned.  Mixed in some eggs + matzo meal –> formed into balls –> added to broth –> boiled for about 10min.


Someone was not happy I blocked off the kitchen.  SO.SAD.


I didn’t make the broth from scratch, but I added a bunch of veggies and seasonings to spice it up a bit.  I used 2 cartons of veggie stock and 2 cartons of chicken stock, then added from there.  I also boiled skin-on, bone-in, chicken breasts in water.  I let them cool and then pulled it apart and added it to the broth.


The matzo balls did not look exactly like they did when I was a kid, but I think it was from the darker whole wheat matzo I used.  They were however, delicious.  Imagine a saltine cracker dough-ball in chicken soup. MMMM

_MG_4926 + suuuuuper filling – lots of leftovers!! I made at least 50 matzo balls.



Poor Laura has been sick ALL week.  I brought her some matzo ball soup + veggie mash [from earlier in the week].  Get better soon please!!


Chris and I planned to go hiking today.  We drove to Eldorado State Park and hiked about 4-5 miles.  The first half was all vertical.  It wiped me out for sure.  It was in the 50’s today and not a cloud in the sky.  I packed samiches and bars to take along.  The almond/apricot KIND bar was DEE-licious.  We split that bar before we started and ate the sandwiches on the trail.


Love going on adventures with the husband ;)


I packed a peanut butter + banana + honey sandwich on the honey whole wheat bread from GHBC.  YUM.  It was the perfect pick me up.


Have a good weekend!!!