double whammy

Whammy #1 - Chris + I don’t have the same system for using the digi SLR camera.  I leave photos on the memory card and then delete all after a few days.  Chris deletes them all as soon as he uploads them. 

Well, to make a long story short…we were both using the camera today, and my breakfast photos got deleted by the husband!!!  It was just oatmeal…but I really liked how 2 of the photos came out.  I’ll have to repeat tomorrow..oh well =)  I had some good layer action going on, in a clear mug!

Whammy #2 – I forgot my memory card in my computer when we went boarding today.  It seems when I forget my camera or memory card there are always more things than usual I want photos of!

We brought the dogs with us and they were hilarious in the back trunk area of the new car.  Everyone brings their dogs to the mountain while they ski/board!  They did great and after, we took them to play at Loveland Pass.  It was Kenna’s first time playing in the snow.  She was hilarious!  They enjoyed themselves and have been completely zonked out ALL night…even caught them cuddling =)


I packed lunch, as usual!  PB+J and yogurt for me…had some Starbucks on the way home.  Like pumpkin latte’s but hate all the extra calories and cost!?  Try getting a regular coffee with a shot of pumpkin syrup [high fructose I’m sure…oh well, I couldn’t see the label! =)] and a little milk. 

HAPPPPPY 3YR ANNIVERSARY TO PAT + NATALIE!!!  I made red beans + rice, that I have been meaning to make for the past 2 weeks.  I finally remembered to soak the beans overnight =)

Beans + sautéed onion/celery/garlic/green pepper + seasonings


Poor Pat and Natalie have been sick ALL week.  I was hoping this meal would help…and a little gift that Chris and I put together.  We got the idea from a gift Kelsey got for her birthday!  It was so simple and cute we had to repeat it =)

All wrapped up in a WF bag =) I am a huge dork and even taped the handles back on to look like a bag…it was so cute and saved some money on wrapping paper!


Their cutie dog, Maggie!


I followed this recipe, almost exactly, for the red beans + rice.  I doubled the cayenne pepper, cajun seasoning, added 1t garlic powder, about 10 black pepper grinds, and 1t sea salt. 

All mixed up, before the water was added.  Then just let it simmer for 2.5hrs and stir a few times. Easy!


You can’t have red beans + rice without cornbread!  This is my favorite.recipe.ever [for cornbread]!!!

101 Cookbooks Cornbread

Batter bowl…While the beans were cooking away, I got busy with this!


Here is what I changed: [Leave me a comment and email address if you want the High Altitude alterations!]

  1. No red pepper flakes.  There was enough spice in the main dish.  I like plain cornbread! =) 
  2. Also, I normally use the buttermilk, but didn’t want to buy a whole carton of it.  So, I subbed in low-fat coconut milk and it worked perfectly!  There was not even a hint of coconut flavor. Don’t worry! 
  3. 2 1/2c. corn in 1 pan is a LOT of corn.  I use 1c. [frozen] max!
  4. 2T of butter in the bottom of the pan is definitely need for the third =)


Super moist + great texture! 


All of my timing worked out, even as I was scrambling to get that photo of maggie printed [last minute, oops!], and get it all wrapped up. 

Topped it with 3/4 of a local Boulder Andouille sausage! mmm


Actually…this dish ended up too spicy for me, with all the extras I added in.  The other 3 in the house can tolerate a lot more spice than I can, so it worked out.  I ate about 1/2.  I would have been happy with a whole plate of the cornbread!! =)


Off to get my sleep on…niiight!


p.s. my new blog domain space has been secured =) hope to get it up and running by early next week!