easy being green

So, as I told you yesterday, my morning mug of oats photos were deleted =)

Layered oats – Round 2


  1. 1/3c. oats + 2/3c. rice milk + 1/3c. pumpkin + cinnamon + 1/2 banana

  2. appx. 2oz. Vanilla Coconut Milk yogurt

  3. Baked pumpkin/oatmeal bars [they solidified more after the first night and were much better the next day…especially w/a quick zap in the microwave]

  4. glob of Whole Foods organic creamy [no stir!!!] peanut butter [my new fav. pnut butter, for sure! appx. $3.50]


Loving the clear, pyrex, mug =)


This was my first time eating this coconut yogurt.  It is a great substitute for people that cannot tolerate dairy.  It had a great consistency [nice and smooth] and good flavor, with a mild hint of coconut.  The only downside is the protein count.  It only has 2g protein.  Regular yogurt has 6g [usually] and Greek yogurt has about 14g!  So, while it was tasty, I probably won’t buy it again…


I have been wanting to try making a Green Monster smoothie for awhile.  This past week I finally stocked up on some green goods!

Amazing Grass, wheat grass, is the fuzzy looking stuff in the front.  Green is not my favorite color, but I think it is my favorite FOOD color!


Ashley’s Green Monster – Round 1

  1. 1/2 org. pear

  2. 1 org. whole kiwi [yes, with the skin!]

  3. 1/4 org. avocado

  4. 1/2 org. granny smith apple

  5. 1 packet Amazing Grass wheat grass powder

  6. 3-4oz. vanilla coconut yogurt [had to use up the rest!]

  7. 1/4c. low-fat coconut milk

  8. handful of ice


i <3 green food


Chris has been ALL about the kiwi lately.  It is such a great addition to this drink because of its sweet, tangy flavor.  The skin is edible, and so good for you!


Layered in the blender.  I don’t really know what you’re supposed to put in first…but I started with the ice =)  I chopped up all the fruit into chunks and left the skin on the apple and pear as well..but not the avocado ;)


Chris was not 100% sold on my idea for this..especially because I was just winging it with no recipe =)  He liked it a lot though and so did I!  The grass flavor will take a little getting used to, but overall I really liked the flavor and thickness.


My lunch: green monster in a whiskey glass =) and 2 mini lentil burgers with a light layer of cheese.


Can I just tell you, again, that these lentil burgers are SO good.  The mixture [that I made on Tuesday] was still perfectly fresh.  The lentils take awhile to cook, but the recipe is super simple.  You must give it a try!


I really like when I can put my food in a clear glass/bowl.  It’s just more fun =)

Watch out for Green Monster Round 2!  I have a feeling these are going to become a quick habit!  After I made my first one, I stumbled on the OhSheGlows food blog.  She has a whole website dedicated to Green Monster drinks!  She also started her own granola bar business [like me!]. Glo Bakery

Have a great weekend and eat something GREEN!!! =)