A delicious day

I’m keeping this post extra short, but will leave you with 3 snippets from breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Stay tuned for the release of my new blog t.o.d.a.y!! I will have yesterday’s full post and a completely new look!  I am pretty excited about it and am working on moving my content over as we speak. 

Breakfast – Chocolate Amazing Meal + the pictured items + 1 container Wallaby Vanilla Bean yogurt + ice

It was delicious, but my favorite so far was the berry/acai infused Amazing Meal.


I went on a run with Laura late morning.  It was a nice 60* and we went for about 4 – 4.5 miles.  Tons of fun and then we picked up a few things for lunch.  We had some awesome corn chowder, that Laura made the night before.  We also made a fancy panini samich.  It rocked!  Details on the samich + soup tomorrow!


Whole Foods bakery case was making us drool, especially since we were starving from the run.  We had to get something and settled on a big vanilla cupcake, all gussied up for Halloween.  So.cute.


Dinner was delicious!  I made Thai spiced pumpkin soup from the 101 Cookbooks website.  I also made some of my specialty coconut rice, and roasted sweet + salty pumpkin seeds to top the soup. Perfect for this cold SNOWY night!


We might have 14” of snow by morning!

Off to work on the new blog…I have a LOT more photos from today of all the fun food…check back soon! =)