why hello there!

Greetings from the new blog!!!  I have been moving my old content over all day!  I will still update with more details from yesterday and today as soon as I make dinner and relax for a few ;) 

I am definitely still making a lot of changes.

  1. I’m working on putting together different headers – I have 3 as of now. Click refresh a few times to see them!
  2. I’m going to add more tabs and post to them as I get the time
  3. I’ll have the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher ads up and running shortly!
  4. The ordering of things on the right sidebar will slightly change I’m sure
  5. The icon to the left of the title will change at some point as well

I found a great template that is letting me manipulate waaaay more than on the ota.bars blog.  It has been hard, but fun!  Aaaand I’m so excited to have an actual “.com” address instead of .blogspot or .wordpress. Yippee!

I increased the page width, which I’m still getting used to.  The photos are bigger, which is what I really wanted.  Let me know if you have any suggestions, likes/dislikes as you see me editing things.

Okay…off to make dinner!! More to come soon!

Thanks for all of your support!