really, we didn’t plan it!

I am going to start with a quick photo from yesterday’s “on the go,” mountain packed lunch.  It was dee-ricious…especially the pumpkin bread!  It was my first time having the Wallaby, Peach yogurt.  It was yummy, but not one of my fav’s.  I found organic honey crisp apples on sale for $1.99/lb at Sunflower Market, score! 



Laura asked me if I would be interested in going to a yoga class for $, heck yes!  It was at a rec. center, that her friend Emily belongs to.  She had 1 free guest pass and the price for 1 admission was $5.  So Laura offered to split the cost..speaking of which I owe her some moolah ;)

I thought a Hemp Shake mudslide would be appropriate for breakfast, to sustain me through the workout.  I tried the Chocolate flavor and thought it was pretty good.  So far my favorite was the 1st one, by far.  It was pomegranate berry. 

When I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day, she seemed concerned that I was drinking Hemp ;)  Promise it’s legal, mom!


  • 1 Hemp Shake packet
  • 1c. vanilla hemp milk
  • 1T cacao bliss
  • 1 banana
  • 1/4 avocado

I had to have some pumpkin bread on the side.  A little piece of the plain and a little piece with the banana chunks + pnut butter chips.  My favorite pumpkin bread ever!  The recipe is coming soon, promise!


I finished off the bread but only drank about 2/3 of the mudslide pint glass.  I guzzled the rest after yoga ;)


The class was extremely basic and mostly about stretching and breathing.  The room was a bit chilly, which I am not used to.  The only yoga studio I went to was in Charlotte, and they kept it at 93* for the whole 1.5hrs!  This class was 1hr and took me about 20min to stop being super antsy.  My mind was going a million mph and I wasn’t being challenged enough.  After the 20min though, I suddenly got in the groove of the slower pace.  I was more focused and feeling better.  I really needed the deep stretch…it ended up being a great class!  Laura + Emily had ants in their pants at first too ;)

I promise we did not plan to all match our yoga mats, nor did we switch yoga mats to take this photo.  This was just weird!! 


I came home and stuffed my face with some odds + ends.  Some sun dried tomato pesto Rachel’s cottage cheese [YUM!!], the last 1/3 of my mudslide, a pear, and guzzled some H20.  I was off to NOVO Coffee to try to focus and get some work done.  I have a few holiday gift projects that need to get done asap!

I caught dumb + dumber cuddling in the sun before I left.


I seriously LOVE this coffee shop.  The ambiance isn’t the coziest but I just love that it’s a local place, a good $.75 cheaper per cup than Starbucks, and for their plain cups of coffee they make each one to order with some fancy 1 serving drip machine thingy =)  They have about 10 different varieties to choose from too.  mmm

delicious coffee + KIND bar + h2o + computer time [lame point + shoot photo]


After I was done working, I went next door to GHBC, to pick up a loaf of bread for dinner.  I came out munching on this HUGE, soft, slightly sweet, delicious chunk of their honey whole wheat bread.  I love their gigantic samples…that definitely brings me back for more!


Dinner time: Broccoli Cheddar Soup + Grilled Cheese

The soup recipe popped up on 101 the other day and instantly I knew I would be making it this week.  It is a suuuper easy and affordable soup to make.  It takes about 30-40min total, with prep.  It’s a nice and healthy version of what is normally be a super cheesy mess.  You are probably used to seeing brocc/cheese soup much lighter [cream toned] in color.  Tons of cream + cheese in this soup is just completely unnecessary!

The fam raved about this soup!  I followed the recipe exactly, except I didn’t make the croutons.  I did add in about 1-2T half + half towards the end.  To puree the soup, I again used the liquefy setting on the blender. Perfect!

I did not add mustard or paprika at the end…just a little s+p. I DEEspise mustard!


I made grilled cheese + bacon sandwiches for the kids ;) and I just had plain ol’ cheese.  I wasn’t feeling the meat today.  I did however, use Applegate Farms uncured bacon.  It cooked perfectly and looked awesome.  Fresh cut monterey jack cheese, on stone-ground organic whole wheat sourdough bread, from GHBC.  The bread rocked.  I have never had a whole wheat sourdough..mmm


The timing was a little hectic but worked out perfectly.  You don’t want the broccoli soup to sit on the stove for too long.  Dinner, start to finish, 50min.


Long day of bizziness!! Night!