vanilla goodness

I got creative with my oats this morning.  I guess you could call it a deconstructed oatmeal.  Yesterday, I got this yummy banana snack idea from Kelsey!!  The cut banana with toppings just looked

I decided to just make a plain bowl of oats…but I actually ate it on a plate!

  • 1/3c. oats
  • 2/3c. vanilla hemp milk
  • 1/2tsp. maple sugar

I cut up banana and topped it with:

  • 2tsp. pnut butter
  • 2tsp. almond butter
  • appx. 2tsp strawberry jelly [costco organic jelly…super yummy!]
  • walnuts
  • shaved, unsweetened coconut
  • couple shakes of cinnamon


First off, pnut butter + jelly on banana is SO good.  AND, jelly on oatmeal….DEElish!!  Why did I never think to put a dollop of jelly on my oats along with the nut butter?? mmm

This breakfast was REALLY good.  Had the hot creamy oats, and tons of texture from everything else.  Loved every bite of my deconstructed oats! ;)


I bought this bar of chocolate the other day because it was on sale and is a local Boulder candy company.  Also, anything dark chocolate + mint is hard for me to pass up!  This was THEE best dk. chocolate mint bar I’ve ever had, and I have sampled my fair share ;) 


They have at least 10 different varieties, all with really vibrant wrappers.  I love the packaging.  I snacked on 2 squares throughout the day =)



Complete with a love poem on the inside of the wrapper! haha


I went for my usual 4 mile, hilly run.  As always, mile 2 was terrrrible…probably even a little more than usual.  Mile 3 + 4 flew by and I was home in no time.  Maybe I need to start doing a once a week longer run to build up my stamina and then maybe mile 2 won’t suck as bad??  It never went away with the 1/2 marathon training who knows!

Shower –> green monster –> meet Melissa + Jake at the mall

  • 1 packet Amazing Grass chocolate
  • 1 med. banana
  • 1/3 avocado
  • 2tsp cacao bliss
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1c. vanilla hemp milk
  • ice


I thought it might be dangerous adding in the kiwi with the chocolate but it worked out fine was yummy!  I threw it in a bottle and chugged on my way to the mall, along with 32oz of h2o!

It was fun to see Melissa and her adorable son, Jake.  He is 6 months old now and the happiest baby alive.  He was so content the whole time just smiling and baby talkin.  Too cute!


We had a little photo shoot at the mall =) Love THIS face!!!



Came home and headed to Boulder with the hubs.  I was going to check out this pottery sale where all the proceeds went to the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless.  It was pretty picked over and I didn’t see anything I!  Although, the trip wasn’t a total bust.  We found a cupcake shop =) =)

The shop is called Tea + Cakes and it is super cute.  I got a mini “Strawberry Milkshake” cupcake + a “White on White” full size cupcake.  Chris got a full size strawberry. 


The baby cakes!!! So cute! Strawberry Milkshake + Lemon Meringue


Our order was up!


Hmm, the baby wasn’t in the box…so that meant it was time to




The strawberry was yummy!!  Great flavor and the cake was moist + buttery.  I would have preferred it with vanilla frosting though.  I am a vanilla FREAK!


I came home and devoured 1/2 of the white on white.  It was THEE best vanilla cupcake I have ever had.  It had a HUGE vanilla kick and the frosting was amazing.  Extremely smooth and rich and not too sweet.  I loved the consistency of it + the hot pink sprinkles!


Chris got a cookie in his!  The only thing I don’t like about these, is the obvious added food coloring.  I just don’t think it’s necessary.  Or at least use a natural food coloring.  Oh well =)


We had an exciting dinner from Chipotle, hehe.  Chipotle in Colorado has SOUP!!  Has anyone ever had it before?  It’s vegetarian and pretty delicious!  I got a cup of the soup + 1 mini veggie style soft taco.  It was super delicious! =)  I nix the cheese + sour cream to save a TON of calories and fat.  Still, so good!

Night all =)