No, I am not growing grass from a ceramic animal!  I bought chia seeds to EAT!  It was my first time trying them out, after hearing so much about them recently.  My oats got a little sprinkle this morning.  I liked the speckled look and the extra little crunch.  If you are not familiar with this superfood, google it!

Toppings Galore Oatmeal:

  • 1/3c. oats
  • 2/3c. water
  • 1 small banana smashed in
  • vanilla extract splash
  • 2tsp brown rice syrup
  • chia seed sprinkle
  • 1T pnut butter
  • 1T strawberry jelly
  • 2T walnuts
  • coconut shavings
  • cinnamon sprinkle


OH my, was this a delicious bowl of oats.  I would say top 3 bowls EVER!  Loved the jelly dollop. 


While I was at the mall with Melissa [Tuesday], we stopped in Urban Outfitters.  I found sale shelves full of pottery and got 2 of these super cute mugs for $.99/each!  I was [still am] pretty excited about my find!  They hold about 6oz [with leaving some room at the top] which is perfect for my morning cup of coffee.  I used the organic instant again, which is really good!


Natalie + Pat were super awesome and surprised me with gerbera daises [my favorite!!!] and a sweet card.  It definitely helped cheer me up!!  I like a lot of other flowers but gerberas are just SO bright + cheerful.  I absolutely love them!




Lunch came quick as I was busy working on some holiday projects!  I had some Oikos with a little granola and a honeycrisp [fav!!] apple.  About 2 hours later I made something delicious!!

  • 1 med. red potato
  • 2tsp. olive oil
  • hefty shakes of: garlic powder/salt/pepper/rosemary/italian seasoning

Cut potato into chunks and throw in a heated pan with the olive oil.  Keep it a little under medium and brown with seasonings for about 10-15min until soft.  As the potatoes were cooking I added 2T of h2o, 2 different times, to keep the potatoes from drying out.  It creates a bit of smoke but worked like a charm.  Top with some chopped avocado!

SO good!


Dinner was corn pudding in acorn squash!  Natalie said this is her favorite vegetarian meal for sure.  The only hard part of the recipe is making sure you don’t cut too far into the bottom of the squash.  I leave out the nutmeg + anise that she calls for in the recipe.

Coming out of the oven, before the light coating of cheese + broil action ;)


I have made this 3 times now, and I swear each time it gets better!  Made with a side of pan sautéed kale, which the family has declared, “is the new spinach,” and toasted baguette with garlic/salt/pepper/parsley. 

Healthy + Delicious


I am headed to NC on Saturday to be with my grandma until next Thursday.  My computer + camera will definitely be coming with =)  I’m excited to get to spend time with my grandma and help her out with whatever she needs. 

Night peeps!