what did I do today?

I can’t really remember what I did today.  There is a blur of photo taking, editing, apartment hunting and cooking.  I guess I do remember what I did, but it seems like a fog of a day.  I woke up with a hangover-like headache, except I did not drink anything the night before.  It is the worst way to start the day.  I felt really dry, so I chugged 16oz of water and 8oz of some delicious organic pomegranate blueberry juice.

And then….I made oats :)


Can you tell I love my new bowl??

Normal creamy banana oats, topped with: pnutty butter, melted cacao bliss, yogi cereal, ch ch ch chia seeds


Looove the melted coconutty chocolate goodness.


I did a bunch of computer work and then made lunch.  Leftovers from last night’s pasta + veggies + breadcrumbs with a delicious salad on the side.  I topped it with the rest of the roasted butternut squash, which was sooooo good.  I wish I had it on hand everday!  I drizzled a little olive oil + balsamic on top.



I don’t like this “lettuce” that is included with mixed greens.  WHAT is it!!??  It’s hard to get in your mouth and kind of twiggy…blegh!


After lunch I ran a bunch of errands and then Chris + I went for another fail of a day looking for a place to live.  Ohhh so much fun!! hehe

Snack time before apartment hunting. 


I looove pears!


I never buy berries in the winter.  They were on sale from WF and grown in CA and actually looked good…and they were! 


I’ve been wanting to make stuffing lately.  It’s just so warm and delicious.  Perfect for this FREEZing weather.   

It was a basic herby stuffing including:

  • WF sourdough loaf
  • veggie broth
  • carrots/celery/onion
  • spinach
  • mushrooms [there would have been but the boys don’t like them!]
  • thyme
  • sage
  • s+p
  • sage turkey sausage + basil/garlic [fresh from WF, not pre-cooked]

It didn’t photograph well…some things just don’t look too appetizing as a photo!  Maybe if photos could smell….. ;)  Served with some salad on the side and a balsamic dressing that I whipped up.  mmm

To the right..


To the left…


Totalllllllllly exhausted.  Off to Melissa’s [babysitting her son all weekend] tomorrow morning and hopefully squeezing in an early morning workout at the gym!! 



Check out the “my story” page.  I finallllly got it up! :)