“mom” for the weekend

I was up bright and early to get a good workout in, before leaving for Melissa’s house in Colorado Springs [about 1hr from me].  I ate 1/2 a banana so I wasn’t starving while working out.

It was 7deg. when I left for the gym…eeek!



  • 25min treadmill – 1/2 hill walking 4mph @8% incline – 1/2 running 6mph @2-3% incline
  • 20min elliptical with arms
  • quick ab workout

When I got home I was in a hurry to shower + pack + make something to eat!  I chomped on a deeelicious pear.  My sis [in law] left me a cute note this morning.  Happy Hannukah, if you celebrate!!!  [I was raised Jewish, and had a Bat Mitzvah when I was 13.  My dad isn’t Jewish, so we always did all of the holiday.]


Got all ready and made a PUMPKIN green monster for the road!!  It rocked but not as much as the first one.  My can of pumpkin was low [only about 1/4 cup] and I didn’t use enough cinnamon.  Oh well, still really creamy and tasty! 


Jake is the best baby I have ever been around.  Seriously…he is so calm + happy.  He is content just hangin out on the floor, on his playmat, or in the his excer-saucer.  I had him on my lap facing me for at least 30min tonight too and he was just babbling away as I talked to him.  He only fusses [a tinnnny bit] if he’s hungry or sleepy. 


His famous HUGE grin.  He makes this face all the time.  Like I said…he’s a really happy baby!!  I think our dogs are needier than Jake is, haha ;)


Snack time for me!  Stonyfield plain yogurt [1cup?] and Bob’s Red Mill muesli.  I know you’re supposed to cook this stuff, but it was yummy uncooked on the yogurt.  I just bought it for the first time and am super excited to make it for breakfast tomorrow!!


Bottle + nap time for Jake!


I’ve always heard, when the baby sleeps, the mom is supposed to sleep too…so that is what I did, hehe :)  Then I woke up and had this coffee drink!  It tasted a little “tinny” from the can, so I poured it in a glass and it was much better.  The flavor was great and not thick/syrup-ey or too sweet, like a lot of the Starbucks cold coffee drinks.  I would buy it again for sure.


Melissa was totally awesome and had me make her a grocery list for the food I wanted this weekend.  I found 2 recipes and she got everything I needed…Including a HUuuge butternut squash!




She told me to help myself to some of their wine. Not a problem!  I had the shiraz and it was tasty!


The view out of Melissa’s kitchen window.  Awesome!


The view out of Jake’s window.


I had to wake him from his 2hr nap so he could eat.  I didn’t want him getting off schedule!!  Sleepy kids are so so cute. 


Dinner for Jake!  fruit + rice cereal + veggies


nom nom nom


A little messy but not bad at all!!




While Jake was taking his little evening nap, I made dinner.  I’ll post the recipe tomrrow.  There are minimal ingredients and it was a really easy recipe.  It was also SO yummy!!!  I wanted to make it while I was here, because Chris, Pat + Nat do not like butternut squash.  Had to take advantage while I was away :)


Ricotta dollops on top + sprouts on the side.  I’m excited for the leftovers for lunch!


Off to bed…gotta be ready for Jake bright + early!!