mid-day partial post

Hi hi hi!!! Here are some more photos from yesterday.  I am still nowhere near done editing all of the baptism photos, hehe.  I had AJ + Jenna over for breakfast today since they are on break, but those will get posted later tonight.  I haven’t even gotten to the Channukah party photos yet either.  I’m about to go run errands with my mom!  I’ll post again late tonight, like normal :)


I don’t normally add extra things to my food to make photos turn out better.  However, this bowl of oats was way too brown for my liking.  It looked like a bowl of…..you get my point ;)


Like I said in the previous post about the molasses oats, they were too sweet.  I made my normal banana oats with 1/2 oats + 1/2 oatbran + small banana.  I used 1T molasses and no other sweetener.  I couldn’t finish them all.  A little too intense!


More ornament photos!



Cookie time!


Bakin’ away.


My all natural/organic recipe for molasses cookies will be posted soon! Stay tuned!


Rollin’ away.




Me again…snooze, hehe


Holiday decor at our house.

Loooove mr.moose…my mom got it at crate + barrel last year.



A few more baptism photos.



“la la la la la”








I had a yummy chocolate pizzelle.


Megan had an awesome spread of food!  She made deeelicious chicken marsala, for the whole party!!



Gift table.


Logan + Dominic [the cute little baby] and their cousins.


Awesome cakes that Megan and her sis made and decorated!  I definitely had a slice of the vanilla :)


Cake face boy!  Lots of concentration opening a gift.


so so so stinkin cute!


Megan + her hubby, Anthony :)


The Godparents.


I tried to “paper-mache” this one for A.J.


My bro, Josh, got the pineapple.


Jenna got the one with the crazy paper bag ribbons.


I wrapped the photo books to look like the original WF bags.


Allllllllllll done for now!!!