more later today!!

Hello there.  Again, it is 2am.  I think I am still on Colorado time!  I don’t want to sleep the morning away so I had to stop editing photos and just put up a quick preview.  Yesterday was packed FULL of action.  I have tunzzz of photos to go through, especially from Megan’s kids’ baptism.  Okay…less talky talky

Molasses Oatmeal – firs time making it….didn’t realize how sweet molasses is! kind of “ick”


Ornaments I made for Logan + Dominic with the date of their baptism.


Molasses cookie time with dad.



My favorite shoes.


Logan!! Love him!


Megan’s cute lil’ family :)


My reused wrapping paper!  These went over really well, hehe.  I tried to make them fun!  I think the one package looks like a pineapple ;)


Like I said…..much more tomorrow!!!!