lots of peeps

Today was action packed.

Up at 8 and hopped on the treadmill for a 40min incline workout.  Kept it mostly around 8-10% at 4mph and would do some intervals down to 5% and then all the way up to 12% a few times.  Since I have been doing incline workouts the past 3 weeks or so, I have already seen a difference in how toned my legs are.  I still am having some foot pain, in 2 different spots on each foot, so I haven’t been running.

Okay. Then, I started oats/oatbran and kept them on a lower than normal setting so I could get in a quick shower while they were cooking.  It worked perfectly.


  • 1/4c oatmeal
  • 1/4c oatbran
  • 3/4c vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2 container pumpkin yogurt stirred in at end
  • Yogi cereal
  • homemade biscotti crumbles
  • pnut butter glob

Hellllloooooooooo pineapple bowl :)


My mom thinks it’s hilarious how I’m using ALL of her bowls and dip bowls, hehe.

Another jar…this one was off to Megan and her fam!


I got to spend a little time with Megan and the kids and then had to say goodbye so I could make my massage appt!

baby Dominic


Logan just turned 4!


He is such a ham!


I flew home + then flew to my massage.  I went to a woman that I’ve been to before.  My whole family actually goes to her.  She works out of the Harmony Yoga studio I was talking about earlier this week.  I took a few of their classes while I was home.  If you are from Cleveland and want to know where to get the BEST massage, let me know and I’ll give you the details!  Her rates are really reasonable as well, because she doesn’t work for a huge spa.  I have had many spa massages and none even come close to this one!

It is the most relaxed I’ve been all year.  At the end she puts warm wet wash clothes on you, then a huge hot blanket, and the room is at 82*.  It pretty much put me into a coma.  I’m pretty sure I slept there for about 30min.  She came in and woke me and I about fell off of the table.  It was really strange, I actually thought I was still awake that whole time and was thinking about things, but it must have been a dream!  So weird.  My aunt said the same thing happened to her when she went!

Okay….after I was starving and have been chugging h2o all day to wash all the toxins out. 

Butternut squash pasta + acorn squash + butternut squash – so so so good!!


My mom’s friends came over and one brought her little boy Matthew.  He was precious!




I had a little cookie photo shoot.  I’ll post more photos when I post the recipe for the molasses cookies.


My friend Cynthia stopped by too!  We have known each other since about 8th grade but haven’t seen one another for about 4-5 years!  It was so great catching up with her!! 


I got my stocking early since I’m leaving early on xmas eve.  I get in to Denver around 10:30am, and have grocery shopping to do and a few present errands!  Nothing like last minute.


I have about 5hrs of sleep to get….g’niiiite!

Excited to see Chris + the dogs tomorrow!!!!!!