we’re in!

Well, we just spent our first night at the house in Denver.  It was a little strange but not too bad.  Pat and Natalie helped us move the last of our things out of their house, pack up our storage unit into a truck, and then unpack into the house.  All in all, it took 7hrs.  So I basically got in a 7 hour workout yesterday ;)  I’m not too sore today but definitely need to start rehydrating.  I feel really dry and and stuffed up.

We don’t have internet until the 30th, eek!  I’m going to Starbucks [with a giftcard] and hopefully I can post there.  I took a few super quick pics throughout the moving day. 


After we got the truck packed up and drove it to the house, everyone was STarving.  Pat suggested a restaurant, that I can’t remember the name of, but it was really yummy.  As soon as we sat down we realized they had $2 bloody mary’s.  Ut-oh.

There was a “make your own” bloody mary bar for only TWO dollars?  We each had one :)


In the past, I haven’t been the biggest BM fan, but I thought for $2 it was worth it to make my own.


I thought the first few sips were really good, but then it kind of got to me.  Too many flavors or something…not sure?  Do you guys like bloody mary’s?  Natalie + Chris helped drink most of mine.  Nat was laughing at how un-spicy mine was, hehe :)

Hi Pat.


On to lunch.  I had a breakfast panini that rocked.  It was loaded with shaved turkey, swiss cheese, scrambled eggs, tomato and a little bit of bacon.  What was really great, was that it wasn’t sitting in a pool of grease.  It also came with a delicious little side salad, potatoes, and fruit.  I ate 1/2 of the sandwich and everything else, minus a few taters.  The other 1/2 was consumed at about 11pm with Chris.

I wonder how many calories you burn from moving for 7hrs?


Love all the windows!  They aren’t as drafty as I thought they would be, which is nice.


Almost finished.


All of my holiday candy was extremely accessible :)


Trying to rehydrate last night.  None of us drank enough water.


Gooood morning – Dec. 28th

What to eat in this house where all my plates are packed and I can’t make my OATS!!?? Ahhhhhh


Strawberry banana Horizon yogurt eaten with my new bamboo spoon.  It was the first time I had this yogurt and I thought it was pretty good!  

Oh yeah. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY Kenna Beans!!!


Dakota, you look SO happy…stop with the excitement please.


We got Kenna from a Great Dane Rescue [Ruff Love] in Charlotte this past May.  She is a Great Dane/Labrador mix.  We saw her at the Southpark beer festival in May.  The Great Dane Rescue was raising money there.  She was about 4-5 months old when we first saw her.  She was the cutest little thing.  I had about 3 beers worth of samples before seeing her.  TWO dogs?? No problem….silly me.  Chris was all for it though.  It was a little crazy at first especially because she was already 5 months old and didn’t have any training yet.  She’s learning, slowly [haha]. 


We were told that she was found with her sis and a few other pups tied to a trailer,  completely starved :( 


A few weeks later she was ours!


First car ride home.


Dakota was happy to have a playmate, and a bed + toy stealer.


Best buds.


In my car, with a sheet over the seats.


We think she is about 70+ lbs now.  Dakota is about 55lbs.  Kenna is such a goofball.  She has no clue how big she is.  Two of her funniest quirks are 1] sitting on things like she is a human – she sits all the way back on her butt and will sometimes scoot her butt up onto the couch with her front paws on the floor 2] in the AM she has this huuuge squeaky dinosaur sounding yawn – it is SO loud + completely ridiculous


The couch is together!!!  So we’re about 1/20th of the way done now, hehe.

All for now!!!