We have been nonstop “go go go” the past 72+ hrs.  Things are coming along and today we can finally see progress!  When walking through the house it looked fairly clean, but upon further investigation it was actually completely filthy.  When you’re apartment/house [rental] shopping, you don’t really notice everything because you’re just focused on finding a place that is big enough to fit everything, etc.  The house is old, and even after 6hrs of scrubbing the kitchen, it still feels a bit dirty.  I won’t even tell you what disgusting things I found :)  However, I will tell you that Natalie let me borrow her steam cleaner and I don’t know what i would have done without it!!  Even though the kitchen isn’t sparkling, at least I know I got off as much grime as possible.

It looks something like this.

LImage.aspx (512×512)

There are extension attachments and all sorts of different nozzles and brushes, etc.  It has been a complete life saver!!!  I will without a doubt be buying one of these in the future.  There is no way that elbow grease alone was going to do the trick.  I have been steaming the crap out of every nook + cranny I can find.

I have had some AMAZING finds on craigslist that I can’t wait to photograph + blog about.  We get internet tomorrow, so I’ll be back at the normal blog posts soon!  We’ve been up til about 2am the past 2 nights, so I have had no time or energy to photograph/edit/blog.  Forgive me :)

Ooookay, time to go again.  We’re going to get the kitchen 100% finished [cleaning + unpacking] as soon as we get home.  Oh yeah, did I mention we’re having a New Years Eve party?  It’s in like 2 days..haha...hopefully we’ll be almost done by then!

Adios bloggies