trying to get used to the cold

The past few days have been SO cold.  It’s been in the teens. eek.  I was planning on going to Ft. Collins to visit my family and I got about halfway there but turned around.  The weather was less than great.  It was early in the morning so the roads weren’t too clear yet and it was really windy and still snowing. I didn’t want to have to drive home in the dark nasty weather and it was already taking me 2x the time it should to get there, so I turned around. Super lame!

So, I came home and warmed up.  But before I left to try to make it to their house I had some creamy oats of course.

In a new bowl!!! Thanks to my awesome sis in law Natalie ;) 


  • 1/3c. oats
  • 2/3c. water [out of all my diff. milks!]
  • 1/2 bananer
  • Yogi strawberry crunch
  • glob pnut butter
  • 1/4c. leftover Peach Cobbler Rush bowl
  • cinnamon

nom nom nom


Lunch time!!  Totally random.  The potatoes were awesome.  I got these little baby potatoes from WF the other day when I made that curry dish.  I also cooked spinach in the pan w/the potatoes at the very end…then made a sunny side up egg as a protein topper!  The egg + potato were yummy, but I think I confirmed that I don’t really like plain, cooked spinach.  Something with the texture and the flavor is not my fav.  I like it in a salad mixed with other greens, and I like it mixed in with pasta/quinoa/etc. but not really on its own.  I much prefer KALE!!  The clementine was juicy + refreshing!


I picked up one of these Raw bars yesterday.  I have seen them for awhile now and finally decided to try it out.  It was reallllly good!!  The bar was similar to a Larabar but I liked it a lot better! 


I liked the texture better and the flavor rocked!


Chris + I met Laura at Movement gym in Boulder.  This gym is awesome!!!  It is primarily a climbing gym…the biggest I have ever seen, but they have cardio and machines as well.  They also have a spin class room and a separate yoga room.  We would definitely join if we lived in boulder.  I love that we can get in a good climb and then hit up the cardio machines.  We climbed for awhile and then I hit the treadmill on 8-10% incline at 4mph for 20min.  Ohhh man could you feel it in your buns!! haha I got on the elliptical and realized it was getting late and stopped at 6min.  20+6 = 26min of cardio…Kath would be so proud ;) [she loooves the #26]

Here are some climbing photos!!

This was about 1/4 of the boulder wall…this place is hUge!





Big leg stretch!!


Laura did the same thing on the same holds ;)


Blurry Chris…right before my camera died!


We stopped at the huuuge Whole Foods in Boulder on the way home.  I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that I live by such a small Whole Foods.  Probably a good thing because I would spend more time + money if I lived by the bigger one…but there are so many more fun foods!!!

I wanted something easy to cook because we were getting back kind of late [7:45pm] and I asked Chris if he wanted meat or not and he said “no!” and that was fiiine by me!

We picked up kale + brussel sprouts + sauce + $.99 french boule loaf [such a good deal and it’s reallllly tasty]

I sautéed the sprouts in garlic and added the kale a few minutes after I put the pasta in the boiling water.  After the pasta was done I strained it, added it to the veggie pan and topped with sauce.  So so so easy!  It was tasty and really filling!!  I was trying to clean out our random pasta so this had 4 kinds in it…which I actually really liked!!! Linguine noodles + shells + spiral + broken up lasagna noodles – The variety was fun!

The sauce was 365 brand organic 4 cheese.  Delicious + Cheap!


So, I think I told you Laura + Travis were kind enough to do a wintery photo shoot for Chris + I, bright and early Saturday morning.  We had a blast and the photos turned out great!!  We kind of had botched engagement photos [not by them] so this MORE than made up for it!!!!

Check them out!!  It’s pretty quick and I luuuuurve the song Laura put them to!  It’s by Fionn Regan.

Aaaand now I’m hungry…hehe