fun filled foodie day

Hello hello!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far.  I know I am!!  It was even better this morning because I woke up with a clear + sunny view of the mountains.  It has been somewhat overcast lately, so it was a nice change :)

Yesterday, Kelsey and I made our way to Boulder because she had never been there.  We grabbed a bite and did a big shopping at the huuuge Whole Foods in Boulder.  Then, I got myself completely turned around but eventually got us to Pearl St. to scope out some stores.  FUN!


Kelsey got a sweet jacket [in the photo!] from Prana….it was like 75% off…s.c.o.r.e.

Then I had to take her to the restaurant SALT that we recently went to

Kel[C] in action!  She likes to get up close + personal!


Check out this amazing menu and the prices.  So fabulous :)


We got the: local roasted beets + crispy polenta with grilled pear + rock shrimp + mussels + fries with housemade ketchup

I had a lovely beverage.


Beets! So earthy and delicious.


Beets stain things!!


Again I used the fries as a device, to scoop the most amazing ketchup ever, into my mouth :)


Oh yeah…these are good!


Crispy polenta and pear. mmm mmm mmmm 


Do you see the One shrimp.  There were only TWO others.  Lame…so lame.  Kind of disappointing…


K-girl wanted some mussels…I tried one.  Pretty sure mussels are not my thang!!


Ohhh my gaaaaaaaaawd.  Dessert = nothing more than amazing


Salt kissed crazy caramel chocolate goodness in an almond crust.  Wow.  Absolutely deevine.  With a side of coffee ice cream with coffee bean surprises.


Words cannot describe.  Does anyone know what the little green fruit is??  It was a little smaller than grapes and had the taste + consistency of kiwi.  Totally weird!


Guess where we went for dinner?  Vine Street of course.  Good food and they brew their own beers = no brainer!  I love when restaurants offer 8oz pours of beer!  I had the Quinn’s Golden Ale which was super tasty.


Pretty lady!




Veggie and homemade hummus samich with a side of black bean veggie chili.  This totally hit the spot!  Kelsey and I split our samiches.  She had some crazy pig in a pita thing.  Realllly tasty!


We came home and did a little food prep for our big day today!!!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about our big FOOD night!!! 

We are about to eat a magical breakfast and then hop off to the farmer’s market! Shweeeet :)