online bake sale for Haiti

If you haven’t seen, Diana from The Chic Life, has organized an online bake sale with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross – Haiti Relief Fund.

Check out the bake sale lineup!! Bidding starts tomorrow!  All baker’s items are listed and also if they are vegan or gluten free baked goods.  Once the bidding is over, the bakers will be notified to bake their items and ship out to the highest bidder. 

I am definitely baking for this and if you are wondering what, it’s ota.bars!!!!!!!!!!! Due to our move out West to Colorado [in sept] I had to close ota.bars in Charlotte, so this is really your only chance to get your hands on these bars!  I am making 2 separately auctioned batches with 12 bars each.  There will also be 4 different varieties that the winning bidders can choose from.

Make sure you check it out tomorrow!!!  There was something else I wanted to give you an update on but I can’t remember!! grr  Maybe tomorrow? hehe


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