catching up

The rest of the New Year’s Eve:

I finallllllly got to take my Bodum glasses out of their box.  I was more than excited to finally use these.  We didn’t have room to keep them out at our apt. in Charlotte. Bodum = <3 <3 <3


Pat + Nat brought over a mini keg of some delicious Left Hand beer.


Hello there!


Had a few of these :)


I don’t think we’ll ever run out of ping pong balls.  The wild rice turkey soup was staying warm in the crock pot.


Ann made a delicious salad.


We threw together a quick balsamic dressing.


Jose, Kurtz [Chris] + Ann


Hovan made a deelicious tray of veggie lasagna. 



10pm - Time to call Ohio to wish the fam a Happy New Year!


Hovan [Jon].


Kurtz + Ann –> cutest couple 2010



Hi Pat!


the hubs + me



“When is everyone going to leave so I can sleep?”


Getting a game of flip cup prepared in the dining room.  Classy.




A little bubbly. 3 – 2 – 1 Happpppppppppy New Year!!!!  The countdown always seems to kind of sneak up on me.  The time was flying by!  We watched the ball drop in NYC…although it’s somewhat lame because it’s just replayed since we’re 2hrs behind, haha.


Hello pumpkin pie!! Why did you get burnt in the oven??? Well, actually just the crust.  I blame it on the oven…it is pretty terrible so far.  I even covered the crust with foil. Gr.


However, the filling was DEElicious.  Ann, Natalie, and I went at it with spoons.  Because why not!?


We devoured about 2/3 of the pie. hehehe


New Years Day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN – brunch at Kurtz + Ann’s place for her bday – There may have been some bloody mary’s and mimosas.


I had 1 + 1/2 mimosas and quickly realized it was nap time and I was done drinking for the rest of the day.


Purdy flowers.


Read the text in the red strip.  Is that for REAL!?  Seriously, who wants to see an interactive map! COME on!!!!


Homemade pecan roll was excellent!


GO BUCKS!!! Ohio State was playing in the Rose Bowl.  Chris rocked the Jim Tressel sweater vest.  The OSU coach [Tressel] wears a similar vest at every single game. 


Awesome egg casserole + homemade bread + grapes.


About 10 hours later I enjoyed some leftover turkey soup.  So so so sooooo delicious.  The color however, is not as pretty.  I drank it with some wine that I used in the soup.  mmmmm


small glass of vino.


My new FAV cookbook.  I urge everyone to buy this book. 


The new Yogi cereal I have talked about a few times.  SO good.


Oat toppings on Jan 2nd.


With a little coffee.


Super crunch. mmm


I think we’ll be getting internet this Wednesday.  Hopefully!!