slurpin’ all day long

My UH-mazing Amazing Grass goods. mmmm


One of my favorites is their Chocolate GREENSuperFood.  For wheat grass beginners I suggest one of their fruity flavors.  Then mix in frozen berries, milk, yogurt, ice, maybe a banana and blend!  I was craving chocolate banana, so that is what I made :)


Into the VitaMix!  I have to say, the VitaMix is blowing my mind.  It’s power settings are amazing.


Chocolatey greeeeeen goodness!


With a side of coffee.  I was freeeezing this morning so it was a little difficult to drink the smoothie, but the coffee helped out!


What went into my mix, you ask?


Chocolate Banana Green Monster

  • 1 packet Chocolate Amazing grass
  • ~2c ice
  • 1 perfectly ripe banana
  • 1/2t cocoa powder [unsweetened]
  • 1/3c uncooked oats
  • 2T almonds
  • 1/4t cinnamon
  • ~1/3c rice milk
  • ~1/2c plain Oikos

[pretty much what goes into a bowl of my oats!]

It was frothy + delicious.  I loved the mild sweetness from the banana.  The cinnamon was a nice addition too!  If I would have had spinach, 2 cups would have been added.  The Chocolate Amazing Grass is definitely a favorite!  This breakfast left me feeling energized + completely satisfied.  Slurp!


Sigh….rough life


At least Kenna Beans is happy…poor poor Dakota


I got to play with Laura today!! 


We met for lunch for more smoothie action but unlike breakfast, this was SIAB style!  We met at Rush Bowl, at their CU campus location.  Remember when I went there a few months back?  It blew my mind AH-gain.  I’ve had about 6 different flavors and wanted to try something different.  I had the peanut butter + jelly bowl today.  It was like they made a bowl just for me :)  It was loaded with strawberries, bananas, milk, and yogurt, topped with organic hemp granola [LOVE hemp granola], pnut butter + jelly.  Do you SEE all of the pnut butter.  I was in smoothie bowl heaven, for realz.  Laura got the Graham Berry Bowl, which was an awesome choice as well. 


I love the BRIGHT purple color of the graham berry bowl.  We scarfed these down along with a chai latte from coffee shop across the street.  My tastebuds + tummy were completely satisfied.  It is a HUGE serving, perfect for lunch.


I savored allll of the pnut butter. 


My lovely Laura <3


Me + my new favorite article of clothing…the hat!


I made some stops on the way home…looking for jobs!  I actually found a restaurant that is hiring and they are big on local, seasonal food.  We’ll see though.  Soon after I got home, I ate an oat covered doughball :)


Da da da daaaaaaaaaaa My new spin on eating carrots for the sake of my teeth and an unwanted dentist bill!  Shred it!  It was fun to eat the pile of orange with a fork.  I topped it with some fresh ground AB…mmmm 


I had a ton of fun [as always] with Laura.  We had a really good conversation about job ideas, marketing ourselves, blogging, photography, architecture, future, etc.  It was fabulous and I left feeling really uplifted.  I also had an interesting + great conversation with my friend Ann, later in the night.  A bunch of us were out for a friends birthday and then Ann + I got to talking about what I should do with my life.  Let’s just say she OPened my EYES…and I’m feeling pretty motivated.  Thank you friends.  You are amazing. <3

Exercise?  Oh yeah!  Today was a rest day for Whittle My Middle 2..thank gooodness!  I took the Vibram 5 fingers out for a run, which was great!  I went 2.25m and walked .75m back home.  Again, I’m not trying to push it with the mileage.  They’re teaching my feet + body a completely new way to run and it takes awhile to get used to!  I felt great today though, so I’ll run for another week at about the same mileage and keep slowly increasing.  The biggest difference I notice with the Vibrams, is that my legs feel SO much lighter and easier to move.  Many days I felt as thought my legs were holding me back and like I was running through molasses.  It feels so much more effortless to run in the Vibrams!

Had an awesome dinner…photos to post tomorrow! Goodnight bloggies!


Off to the farmers market tomorrow…I’ll tweet when I’m leaving for all you CO peeps!  Hope to see some of you there!