earth to Ashley…wake UP!

I had the hardest time staying awake today!  Maybe it was due to the fact that we went to bed at 1:15am and got up at 5:30 to go snowboarding??  I don’t know what is with our late bedtimes but we are both night owls.  The drive to the mountains is about 1.5hrs and I was doing the “fall asleep head bob” move like it was my job.  I could not wake up!  I was completely sloppy on the mountain today, falling a lot and still tired from boarding in the powder on Monday.  Okay, so I actually fell asleep on the lift!  Then did the head-bob the whole drive home. 

WAit a second…let’s rewind! 

I enjoy getting our food ready when we head to the mountains or on any road trip.  Crazy?  Well, I know we’re eating healthy and saving money…win, win!

What I packed:

  • overnight morning soaked muesli
  • pb+j for the mountain
  • oikos chocolate small yogurt
  • Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood bar [chocolate]
  • The fruit+nut balls were Chris’s breakfast


I have gotten some awesome packages in the mail this week!  First, Stonyfield sent me a bunch of coupons for Oikos.  Holy excited!  I love the thickness + creaminess of Oikos.  Even though I looove Wallaby Yogurt, it’s hard for me to eat it because Oikos has double the protein and less sugar.  Did you know you can get coupons on their website?  Recently, I talked about Oikos Caramel, that comes in the smaller 4 pack case.  Well, it is like dessert!  They have another new flavor that I had to try as well…Chocolate!  I had it on the way home from boarding and it was fabulous.  It had a deep cocoa flavor and was not too sweet.  However, between the two, caramel won my heart.  For everyday eating I really enjoy the plain with my own mix-ins.  Welllll the strawberry is magnificent too!  The reason I am drawn to the plain is because it has more protein, less calories, and less sugar than any of the flavors. 


I got another exciting package in the mail as well.  This one was from Amazing Grass!!!  I need more green monsters in my life so now I am stocked for a few weeks!  I have also been wanting to try their GreenSuperFood bars for some time now.  I’ll highlight all of the products as I try them out.  Stay tuned for that!  You can expect to see something green in my breakfast tomorrow…can’t wait! :)


I used Bob’s Red Mill Muesli for my “overnight” oats, but I didn’t really let them soak overnight.  Right on the bag it says you can let them sit for 5-10min or overnight.  Sweet!  I much prefer the muesli cold than hot because it contains raisins and I don’t really like hot dried fruit.  Okay, so here is what I added in the mix:

Sweet Potater Morning Muesli

  • 1/2c muesli
  • 1/2c vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4c SF Oikos Plain
  • 1/4c canned organic sweet potater
  • cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger
  • almond butter glob

I also made a little container of mix-ins for eating in the car.  I made this “to go” because I did not need to be eating breakfast at 6am even though my stomach was saying “feeeed meeee.”  I chugged some h2o and ate one of the fruit+nut doughballs to hold me over.  At 7:30am I scarfed down my oats :)


I forgot my camera memory card, so I don’t have any “consumption” photos.  Oooops!


LOVED the combo with the sweet potato.  It was just a tad runny, so next time only 1/4c almond milk.  If it sat overnight, I’m sure it would have absorbed more.  Oh well, I didn’t mind my muesli soup!

I never got around to eating the Amazing Grass bar…until I got home.  I wanted to go for a walk at Wash Park but was starving.  Instead of the chocolate I wanted to give the “original” a try.  I ate half to hold me over during the walk.


If you are new to AG products and wheatgrass in general, I would probably start with one of the flavored versions.  I really enjoyed it but have had a lot of wheatgrass drinks before, so I am used to the earthy flavor.  Love my GREEN!  mmmmm


So I walked a brisk 3 miles.  It was quite chilly and totally drab outside.  It was a gorgeous day at the mountain but pretty “blah” in Denver.  Oh well, just fun being outside!



Dakottttttta…Love her face!


A few drab photos on the walk…where I was attacked by geese and dodging goose poop with every step!


This will be so much prettier in a few months!


After I got back I did Whittle My Middle II.  I love ab workouts but this one is killer! 

  • Front Plank – 70sec
  • Side Plank – 45sec – each side
  • Torso Twist – 2 sets of 20 reps
  • Plank Ups [SO hard] – 15 reps
  • Boat Pose – 2 sets of ~20 reps
  • Bicycle – 65 reps
  • Side Plank Twists – 10 each side

Dinner needed to be quick + cheap.  It ended up SO good and 100% husband approved :)  It couldn’t have been easier!

Cook brown rice –> Top with Kidney Beans + Salsa + Cheese Sprinkles

Salad –> Top with carrots + Stale baguette croutons ;) + Local Goat Cheese + Easy homemade balsamic


nom nom nom


Balsamic –> Equal parts Olive Oil + Balsamic + few splashes of Apple Cider Vin + s/p + garlic powder –> vigorously whisk or use hand/immersion blender [my new fav. kitchen appliance!]



Dinner was pretty light, so I was already thinking about snack time during din :)  How old am I?

First time trying this and it’s 

If you like a super crunchy, not-sweet cereal, packed with fiber + protein and not too high in calories, then this is for YOU!


I give the ingredient list TWO thumbs UP!  [Kamut, wheat flour, wheat bran, evap. can juice, whole oat flour, spelt flour, barley flour, millet, quinoa, sea salt, honey] YUM

I sprinkled a few dried cranberries and unsweetened dried coconut.  LOVE the crunch!!!! 


With vanilla almond milk.  Get in ma’ bellllly!!!


3/4c serving = 120cal, 1g fat, 5g fiber, 4g sugar, 4g protein – I think that’s pretty impressive considering it’s not one of the 200+ calorie cereals/granolas loaded with sugar

I’m meeting Laura at RUSH Bowls tomorrow, in Boulder, for a delicious lunch smoothie bowl.  I cannot freaking wait!!  I haven’t been back there since my lucky day where I was invited in to try out as many of their bowls as I wanted….[drool] 

It’s 11:15…I’m thinking of going up to bed at midnight.  We’ll see if I actually do!    

Happy Friday people!!  Anyone have good weekend plans??  I know we’ll be up in the mountains one of the days but other than that, I’m not sure of anything we have going on.



p.s. CO Blogger meet-up UPdate!  If you missed my post on holding a CO blogger meet up and you are interested check it out here!  If you are interested in coming please leave me a comment.  I had a question for everyone.  I just realized I planned in on Sat. Feb 13th.  This is the day before Valentine’s Day, which just occurred to me.  I was thinking a lot of people might be trying to go out to dinner with their significant other on the 13th rather than on Sunday?  If so, I was thinking we could do an early afternoon pot-luck brunch + mimosas [or something like that].  I want to try and keep it the same date since so many of you were available.  Let me know what you think!