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With how health conscious Colorado is, it’s surprising that the airport has close to zero healthy food options.  I arrived at the airport bright and early, about 7:30am.  I was really craving a bowl of oats.  There was one spot serving breakfast, where I could have gotten oatmeal in a cookie crust bowl, but that really did not sound appealing at all!  I was on the hunt for Jamba juice, and their delicious steel cut oats!

I really didn’t think there was a JJ there but at the last minute I spotted one!  However, no oatmeal, just smoothies.  

There was a big poster for their PUMPKIN SMASH smoothie.  All of their menu items list the exact ingredients, but this one didn’t, probably because it is seasonal.  The girl working was not pleased when I asked what the ingredients were.  “Uhhh, pumpkin, spices, soy milk and fruit.”  Kind of like “duh, what’s in every smoothie.”  I was curious WHAT fruit and if they used REAL pumpkin.  I didn’t push any further but ordered it.  Upon first sip, it was deelicious, however, something was a tad off about it.  No problem though, I still sucked it down in about 27 seconds. 

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Slurped alongside my homemade bread pb+j samich and a drip coffee with a squirt of pumpkin syrup and half+half.  My cheap version of a pumpkin latte. ;) 

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This morning, I had one of the most delicious bowls of steel cut oats.  There is something insanely delicious about Skippy Natural Peanut Butter.  Don’t you agree?  The consistency is just so thick and creamy.  Homemade PB is never quite like this.  Do you know if it’s the palm oil that makes it so nice + thick?? 

For the first time I mixed in ~2T of ground flax meal and LOVED it [we were out of bananas].  It thickened the oats up and made them super creamy.  I added it in, when I typically add in my banana.  I did have to add an extra 1/4c of liquid as well.

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Toppings: peanut butter, pumpkin granola [recipe soon!], about 1-2tsp maple syrup

The touch of maple syrup was just insanely delicious with the PB and pumpkin flavor.  Yummmmm.

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Then I broke my dad’s mug…so I tried to make it up to him with organic pumpkin beer.  It’s made in Vermont + brewed with real pumpkin.  Can’t wait to try it! 

My dad and I LOVE pumpkin flavored things, especially pumpkin pie.  My mom is not a fan.

My dad and I also LOVE coffee, which my mom detests! ;)

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I worked out today at the neighborhood gym.  It’s a quick 5-10min walk to get there and they have 5 or 6 different cardio machines to use.  I haven’t been on a cardio machine in about 6+ months!  I got on a fancy elliptical machine that kicked my BUTT!!!  It was like no elliptical I’ve ever seen and had extra settings for arm + glute add-ons.  So, if you activated the “arm” workout, every 2min, you did 10 reps with your arms where the resistance increased a lot and then went back to normal.  It was intense!  I was a sweaty mess after 40min!


I went out to dinner with 2 high school girl-friends.  We went to a nice sushi restaurant for their 1/2 off night.  I split a bunch of veggie rolls with one of the girls and currently am dealing with a huge food-baby.  YUCK.  I didn’t over-eat but something just isn’t sitting well.  I’m about 50/50 on eating out at restaurants anymore.  It happened yesterday too, after eating at PF Changs.  Does anyone else have this problem?  It almost always happens if I eat salad at a restaurant.  Weird!

Off to bed!  Lots to do tomorrow!!