Friday started off in the best way possible! 

My Aunt and I went out to breakfast!  AND she wanted to split.  AND she let me pick both meals.  Ummm, how lucky am I?

Choice #1 – Banana filled Crepes with organic yogurt, fruit, granola + a lemon muffin

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Choice #2 – Marinated baby bellas, taters, scrambled eggs + english muffin

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And my Aunt!! :)  How cute is she?

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The rest of the day/night was jam-packed with action.  I still didn’t know at this point if I had made it to Round 3 for Project Food Blog.  However, Friday was the ONLY day I could host the dinner party [challenge 3], so I had to be prepared.  I planned on hosting the dinner party for my family either way!

But, I am on to Round THREE!!!  SO very exciting.  Thank you all SO much for your support and votes.  <3

My aunt came along to the grocery stores with me and helped with the prep work Friday afternoon.  Once my mom + dad were home from work, they helped quite a bit too!  Then, everyone else came over and the night went off without a hitch!  I was left with about 200 photos to sort through.  Eeeek!  I am so excited to post this challenge.  It will be up on Sunday!

Look what my mom surprised me with.  A new apron, from C+B!  I am IN LOVE with it.  Totally my style. :)

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Off to a big farmer’s market at Shaker Square with my mom tomorrow.  Then hopefully a workout on the crazy elliptical.  Then the apple orchard.  Then some visiting family.  Then maybe relaxing?  But most likely not. ;)

Exciting stuff going on Sunday too.  I have some visitor’s coming that you might recognize!!!

Off to catch some ZzZzzz’s

<3 Ash