I almost forgot!

I’m feeling much better today!  Thanks for all of your “get better” messages. :)  I realized I had this same thing happen in early June, when the seasons were changing.  It has technically been “fall” for awhile now.  However, I would say fall officially started in the last week or so, with a more dramatic temperature change.  Friday night it started with a lot of sinus pressure and a sore throat and then turned into dizzy/nausea/headache.  After realizing it was the same thing, last night, I used used my neti pot + a nose spray and was feeling 80% better this morning.

Now to more important things…like trying to recreate the Vienna coffee I had on Sunday.  It’s not quite there yet, but I’ll be sure to post the recipe when I get it right!

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I never really thought to heat milk + use the immersion blender to froth it up and finish by pouring coffee on top.  Even without any cinnamon or vanilla, this frothy milk + coffee is really delicious! I’ve been using almond milk and love the little extra kick of flavor.

Mandel bread oats? Ohhhh yes.  The perfect crunchy topping.

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Smothered with peanut butter, banana, and crunchy buckwheat.

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Fresh batch of homemade pnut butter.  Creamy + delicious.  Has anyone tried the rolled oats + oat bran + flax meal combo yet?  I’m slightly obsessed with it!! 

  • 3T rolled oats
  • 3T oat bran
  • 2T ground flax meal
  • 1 1/4c milk of choice
  • 1/2-1t cinnamon
  • 1/2 banana, thinly sliced
  1. Add milk, oats, bran, flax, banana, + cinnamon to a pot over medium-low heat.
  2. Stir/whisk to combine.
  3. Let simmer for about 5-10min, until thickened to desired consistency.  Stirring occasionally.

The flax really fluffs up the mixture and give it a nuttier flavor.  The oat bran makes it extra creamy!

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I’ve been drinking a lot of this white tea.  I love Rishi tea and this Plum Berry is delicious!  I’m particular about my teas, and for a fruity tea, this is top notch. 

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Love all the dried berries and pretty colors.

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She has such awkwardly long limbs!

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contemplating the morning

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Kenna does not care at all.

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Even during the ankle biting, she’s like “whatever brown dog, I just want this bone.”

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For lunch the other day, I reheated the DEElicious pumpkin chili.  I put it in a pot and threw in a handful of mushrooms and a bunch of chopped kale.  They were both delicious additions, and next time I might add them from the get-go.  Well, not if Chris is eating it though.  He hates mushrooms and he LOVES kale but only in “kale chip” form. :)

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I also made a grilled mushroom + cheese tortilla.  Crispy – Melty – Tasty

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I wish I had more of this!! 

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For dinner last night, I ate a calzone the size of my head.  And it was AHmazing.  [hellooooo terrible kitchen lighting!]

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Packed with spinach and obviously tons of cheese.  The crust was perfect and the sauce was fresh + flavorful.  Very excited to have found Pulcinella Pizzeria.  Super impressed! 

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So….guess what today is???

ONE year blogIVERSARY!!!!  This date totally snuck up on me!  I’ll be talking about this more soon.  But for now, a HUGE thank you to my lovely readers for your continued support with my blog, photography, writing projects, header designs, and life!  It is appreciated more than you know. :)

<3 Ashley