{first}  YOU are all amazing.  The comments from yesterday, about my 1st blogiversary, were so incredibly sweet.  I enjoyed hearing how long you’ve been reading and things you’ve liked along the way.  Next week I’ll have a post [or posts] about the year in review.  Stay tuned!  I think it’s about time I revamped my “about me” as well. 

{second}  Remember my blog post for the Fresh Express salad challenge the other week??  Well, I WON!!!!!!!!  I could not believe my eyes when Foodbuzz let me know.  I couldn’t be more excited, especially because I never win things like this!  Now I get to put up to $1,000 towards airfare + hotel for the Foodbuzz Festival next week!  This is a huge help for our current 1 job family! :)  Soooo excited.

{third} Last Friday was Pat + Natalie’s 4th wedding anniversary.  I got a little creative this year for their gift.  FOOD!  Inspired by a few things that have caught my eye lately….

Apples.  They’re in season.  Obviously.  How to turn apples into a gift?

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Slice them really thin, bathe them in lemon + water, and then pat them dry.

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Sprinkle sucanat [or brown sugar] + sea salt + cinnamon on top…line them on a baking sheet, or in this case a pizza baking sheet.

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And bake them on 175*-200* for what seems like ALL DAY LONG.

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If after 4hrs, you start to get impatient…you can put the temp up to 250* for the last 15-20min.  They still seemed a bit soft, but turned out to be perfectly crispy once they cooled.

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Thanks to Angela for this Apple Chip idea!  I mean, who doesn’t like sweet, salty + cinnamony apple chips???

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Another Angela inspiration….

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Healthy truffles!

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Take the peanut butter cookie Larabar and then imagine it tasting 10x better and you will understand how good this taste.  I made them according to Angela’s directions. 


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I also made the Brownie Bliss flavor.

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Oh these were good!!  Definitely breakfast worthy too.  I definitely want to try the “Pecan Pie” truffles next…I am a pecan lover!

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I also melted some super dark chocolate…

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…and got to dipping + sprinkling. 

  • coconut
  • chia seeds
  • sea salt
  • walnuts

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cute + healthy + delicious + homemade = gift perfection

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Pat pointed out that I forgot to make a map saying which was which….maybe next year…

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Angela shaped hers much cuter to look like actual chocolates. 

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I had fun with this..if you couldn’t tell. :)

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Package 2, complete!

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But I wasn’t finished yet….

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For as much of a peanut butter freak as I am, I’m not the biggest lover of peanut butter cookies.  However, Mama Pea had my convinced that I must make her Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies right away. 

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I used my homemade peanut butter for these delicious treats…and wow, are they delicious.  I obviously made enough so we could keep some too! 

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Can we say…nom nom nom?  I think so. 

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And that concludes my 1-2-3, vegan, edible, anniversary gift giving!  Thanks to Mama Pea + Angela for their always amazing food inspiration!

Oh…1 more thing…

I tried making the Vienna again…closer, but not quite there yet!!  However, I did go back for a real Vienna today and it did not disappoint.

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Hoping I feel up for a swim tomorrow.  It’s been a full week since I’ve worked out!  Sometimes the break is nice though. :)