grinding grains + spilling beans

Do you remember Emily, Teri + I obsessing over our broken farro breakfast in San Fran last week??  It was basically my favorite breakfast ever and BETTER than any bowl of oats ever.  EVER!

Well, after doing some research on farro, I found that wheat berries are a very similar grain.  Since I had wheat berries on hand, I wanted to give it a shot.  Typically, I’ve used wheat berries as a grain eaten with dinner, or cooked and thrown on salad, cold. 

I did things a little out of order when I prepared this…

I should have first rinsed, then ground the wheat berries.  However, it was 12:30am and Chris was in bed.  I was not about to grind grains at that hour!  So I rinsed and then soaked them overnight.  In the morning I ground them, but it didn’t go too well with the plump, wet berries.  Definitely didn’t grind down as much as I wanted.

Oh well!!

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It still worked really well and completely reminded me of our San Fran breakfast.  I cooked this in almond milk and a little water.  Once it was almost done, I stirred in a little sucanat + butter because the waitress at il Cane Rosso said they prepared them with butter + brown sugar.

Besides being a little lumpier, because I didn’t grind the berries enough, this tasted just like the bowl of farro!!

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I don’t have the exact measurements of liquid to ground wheat berries, but once I make it with farro, I’ll figure all of that out.  And good news, I just scored a THREE pound bag or organic farro at Costco for $8!!!  SCORE!  It can be somewhat pricey and hard to find, so this was EXciting.  :)

The texture was extremely creamy and thick, but in a totally different way from oatmeal…

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Just like breakfast that day, I included raisins and almonds but also added pumpkin spice almond butter + coconut. hehehe

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Almost perfection…can’t wait to grind up some farro!!  I think there is something completely amazing about grinding grains. 

Like I mentioned a month or so ago, grinding steel cut oats, will leave you with Scottish Oats.  Scottish Oats are my very favorite style of oats.  They have an amazing thick and creamy texture, very similar to the ground farro and ground wheat berries.

Point being: Grind your grains for creamy deliciousness in a bowl!

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Still loving the tripod detail!

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And now on spilling beans…

If you’ve been paying attention on Twitter lately, you may have seen some tweets like this…


What do….


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“The Book”


….all have in common??????

Well, to make a long [amazing] story short….

THIS Thursday I am flying to Portland, OR to stay with the Pea Family for 5 days.  Why?  Well, Mama Pea has asked me to be a part of her BOOK.  Amazing right??????  I am going to be doing a food photo shoot with about 20-30 recipes [time permitted] that will be featured in the Peas and Thank You cookbook!!!

I couldn’t be more honored, flattered, excited, etc. to be a part of this!!  It all started developing while we were in San Fran and then became a reality a few days ago on Friday.  It was an anxious/exciting/nervous week of emails and phone calls trying to make it work.

If you would have asked me 1.5yrs ago if I would ever be using a dSLR camera, I would have laughed at you.

If you would have said, you’ll have a blog that you write on daily, I also would have laughed.

If you would have told me I would be making amazing friendships all over the country and coming across photography + food opportunities having nothing to do with Architecture, I would have told you you’re crazy!

So, if you’re curious WHY I decided to break out my tripod the other day. THIS IS WHY. :)

Things happen for a reason.  I don’t know HOW this happened, but it did.  It is one of the most exciting things to ever happen to me. 

I’m grinning from ear to ear and have been for DAYS. 

I hope the Pea Family is ready for me!!!! 

{Thank you Sarah} 

<3 Ashley