blue skies, stuffed stomach

Although a bit chilly, our Thanksgiving was full of blue skies.  The dogs were walked first thing, breakfast was eaten, showers were taken, the car was packed with tons of food, and we were on our way.

A little through-the-car-window photography. 

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The mountains are turning white!

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My garlic knots made an appearance for appetizers.  I warmed them in the oven and then brushed them with butter + garlic + parsley + salt.  I thought they turned out really well and love how cute they are!!  Yes, bread can be cute!

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There is no skimping on butter for Thanksgiving.

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By now, everyone is pretty used to me photographing our get togethers, and I think they like it….?? :)  I didn’t even get made fun of for bringing my tripod!

Ali, turkey master, was really excited about the braid in her hair.

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Kurtz + Ann

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There were a total of 3 turkeys cooked.  1 was baked, 1 was smoked, and 1 was roasted

Ali + Hovan are the best Thanksgiving coordinators you’ve ever seen.  There was a loose plan of action for heating all of the side dishes once the turkey was done.  It was stress-free and so much fun.  I hate when holiday cooking becomes stressful, but this definitely did not!

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Turkey roaster.

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Lots of lounge time.

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Which was so needed!  Things have been really “go go go” lately.  It was such a fun day sitting around + eating with friends.

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Group photo time!

Me – Natalie – Ann – Ali – Jenna – Megan – Hannah

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The kick line did not pan out so well…

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Ann is the official salad maker.  Always.  And they are fabulous.  I was excited to have something green on my plate….floating atop a sea of carbs!

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I’ve never made gravy before, but it seems like quite the process!

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Ali + Hovan + Kyle – the lovely hosts!

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EVERYONE was in the kitchen during the last 10min before eating.

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Hanging out during the last minute madness.

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Carving station.

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Ready to EAT!

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The table was set…

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The turkey was carved.

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Ali’s hair was flipped.

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The turkey was un-stuffed.

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And plates were filled.

Don’t be fooled by all of the salad…there is more food underneath.

There was no turkey on my plate this year, but I really didn’t miss it at all.  I did hear that all 3 birds were delicious though!  Everything was honestly amazing but the slower cooker stuffing was my absolute favorite part. 

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A horrible photo of the delicious Hide bakery rolls that I made from 101 cookbooks.  These are quite dense, but have a great chew and love all of the crunchy seeds inside.  Perfect for breakfast! 

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As the feasting began, we went around the table saying what we were thankful for…

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It may have been my favorite part of the night…

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Friends that are more like family…

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The night was made complete with a dance party.  The night is always made complete with a dance party. 

How else is the food supposed to settle?  I don’t think I’ve ever been so full in my life.  The food felt like it was stuck in my diaphragm, but the discomfort was totally worth it.

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1.5 second exposure produces ghost like dance moves.

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Self timer tripod action!

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Glazed over, stuffed, tired, happpppy. :)

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I missed our family in Ohio but am so thankful for our friends in Colorado. :)

<3 Ashley